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Sidmach Technologies launches Luminate, an eLearning platform for schools

Luminate is set to model an actual learning environment



luminate by Sidmach
Luminate by Sidmach

Leading edu-tech software company, Sidmach Technologies has announced the launch of an online teaching and learning management system that caters to urgent need for schools, teachers and students in the wake of the current pandemic – Luminate.

Online Learning is no longer a strange concept to anyone today, many educational institutions have moved their academic activities to the internet. 

At the same time, many of these schools are currently having challenges combining multiple platforms to perform teaching and learning activities online. These challenges have made online activities tedious to the teachers, students and parents in some cases.

Luminate is a learning management system that fixes the challenges and problems that are associated with online learning particularly the problem of combining multiple platforms for academic activities.

Most schools don’t have integrated platforms to perform all their activities. Different applications are used for different functions and this process has been burdensome on students and teachers.

This solution integrates all the possible academic activities such live classes, tests & quizzes, assignments and so on.

Teachers are also able to grade tests and assignments and also upload learning materials.

Luminate is set to model an actual learning environment and also improve the process, students are able to access classes at their spare time amongst other functions. 

With Luminate, online education is made easier. Local curriculum will be available on the platform for teachers to create content accordingly and facilitate quality learning. Students are also able to learn locally generated learning materials as teachers can upload their self-generated materials for students to learn.

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Luminate will foster education at all levels not only in Nigeria but across Africa.

The learning management solution is currently available for free for the first month, visit

The learning management platform is a product of Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited – a leading edu-tech software development company that has inspired transformative solutions for top education bodies in Sub-Saharan Africa for the past three decades.

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