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5 best Nigerian mobile banking apps in 2020

BY David Olalele




The importance of technology in our world cannot be overemphasized as it has become the bloodline of virtually all human activities and facets.

Hence, the introduction of technology into the banking sector has become vital towards achieving its goals and providing better services to its customers.

And of course, among the software used in the sector for smooth and swift operation is mobile app., in this article, however, is presenting and analyzing one of the avenues leading banks (in Nigeria) offer services to their customers and same time make some revenue, having done an in-depth research about them.

In the course of carrying out our thorough investigation through various means such as Vox pop, public opinion, and customers’ indelible experiences in banking with the banks, we have strong confidence to announce the best five mobile banking apps in the year 2020.

Happy reading as we enlist the mobile apps and what customers have said about them.

Below is the list of the best 5 banking apps in Nigeria 2020:

1. OneBank


3. GTWorld

4. Zenith Bank Mobile App


5. Stanbic IBTC Bank

1. Onebank

Among the best five mobile apps in Nigeria, Onebank; an app owned by Sterling Bank PLC is the favourite.

The app is taking the lead because it is well downloaded across platforms such as Google play and apple app store and from customer’s perspective, it is truly a ‘digitalized bank’.

OneBank App by Sterling Bank

OneBank App by Sterling Bank

Its features are easy to access and it is user-friendly. Onebank mobile app is highly rated on Google play store and Apple store.

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And of course, the app does not have any security challenge. Our investigation reviews that it meets up with necessary standards to lead the way.

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About one hundred thousand customers have already downloaded the app in just about 12 weeks. Many users commend the good effort of the bank to bring the app their ways while some customers have one complaints or the other.

Free-free to read about the users’ comments below:

What We Like: OneBank brings a whole new financial and non-financial experience to the digital space.

OneBank offers payments, lending, investment, advisory, informational and life-style services which brings that intuitive banking experience on your mobile.

What We Don’t Like: “The app keeps crashing on my Gionee phone, even with the update.


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“I can only log in and once I’m in and attempt to perform an operation e.g airtime recharge, the app would just go off. It’s appalling cos I have installed.”


Alat is taking the second position among the five best banking mobile app in Nigeria in the year 2020. The app is also rated high on Google play store and on Apple store.

Thousands of users have reviewed the app and given it high score while some have one complaint or the other.

What We Like: One of the users said the app is the best banking app he has ever used.



According to him, it is fully digital and he has never had the cause to physically visit the bank for any transaction.

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What We Don’t Like: A user said he has done all procedures required upon signing-up, the message that keeps popping up is that: ‘the email does not correspond with the email I registered with Wema bank’.

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3. GTWorld

Also, our findings have shown that GTWorld is among the best mobile banking apps in the year 2020.

GTWorld is rating high on Google play and Apple store. About one million people have downloaded it.

Some customers have also expressed their both positive and negative experiences.

gtworld app

gtworld app

What We Like:  A user said GTWorld is still one of the best banking apps to use, it has a lot of useful features.

What We Don’t Like: A user said she could not setup her pin. Also, she could not change the authentication method for transactions from token to pin.

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And when she put in the 6 digits of the card, she got the OTP and input the card pin.

Whenever she did that, the account got blocked, and she had to go through the hassle of unblocking it.

4. Zenith Bank Mobile App

This report may not have been complete, if we commit an error of omission about Zenith bank mobile app.

Zenith bank being among the best five banks in Nigeria that are setting the pace for other banks to follow in technology, as a standard and users friendly mobile app.

The application is among the most downloaded app across platforms such as Google play, apple app store, and Microsoft store.

zenith mobile banking

Zenith mobile banking app

Also, from the information gathered, you will see what the app users have said below:

What We Like: According to a user, please make it possible to have a PDF file download after a successful transfer which can be shared with the receiver to confirm the transaction.

It is not a bad idea to make it possible for customer to login and download a statement for old transfer too. The transfer should be clickable.

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What We Don’t Like: A customer said, “your App is way too old school. Can you try lefting your mobile App to new school?! By adding blind option to account balance.


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“I hate it when I login, the first thing that I see is my account balance. Please the IT team should get to work for upgrade. Looking forward to seeing the new face your app.”

5. Stanbic IBTC Bank

 Stanbic IBTC Bank mobile app is the fifth one among the five best banks in Nigeria in the year 2020.

 The app is also rating high on Google play store and on Apple store. Thousands of people already use it.

 What We Like: A user said: “Wow! I love this App. Especially the voice command added. Nice job! Keep it up.”

 According to a customer, “The best App when you are looking for bank app to use. Very easy to use and understanding of it is top notch. You can sit in the comfort of your house and reach the world.”

Stanbic IBTC bank

Stanbic IBTC banking app

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What We Don’t Like: A customer said, “I’m good with the app. But it’ll be completely reasonable if a feature for account upgrade is added.”

 Another user said: “Pls this app is too childish. The fonds is so tiny and not properly aligned. Why this kind of useless app.

“I tried to generate my banking report and it says my bank account is not linked to any Email. I do get reports before so where did you guys dump my email?”



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