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Bill Gates mourns, says ‘my dad was everything I try to be’

BY David Olalele



Bill Gates
William Gates Sr., (Source: BillGates)

William Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, has passed on to the great beyond.

Bill disclosed the death of his 94-year-old father in a statement released via his Instagram and Twitter accounts on Tuesday, September 15.

The statement read: “My father’s death is a huge loss for our family and to many people whose lives he touched.

“Dad lived a long and meaningful life. I never stopped learning from his wisdom, kindness, and humility.

“Melinda and I owe him a special debt because his commitment to serving the community and the world helped inspire our own philanthropy.

“Although he would be the last person to say it, my father’s compassion and generosity will live on in the foundation he helped build.

“As I would always say, my dad was the real Bill Gates. He was and will continue to be all the things I strive to be.”

Suffice to say that before his death, William was a prominent Seattle attorney and he was also the founding partner of one of the region’s best-known law firms.

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