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Here is how practice tests can help you excel at your CiscoCCNA Exam




You may be an aspiring digital marketer who wants to learn more about data analysis or just a professional from a related industry aiming to expand your area of expertise — whichever background you have and whatever job role you undertake, the CiscoCCNA exam is a great way to achieve these goals.

It helps you obtain essential skills that can add value to the work you do and validate them with a globally recognized credential.

Either you’re just at the beginning of this track and are searching for some alternatives or you are already in the process of getting the GAIQ badge and seek extra motivation, this article is for you.

Here are several details on an accreditation program in general, some advantages you are going to receive, and how practice tests can boost to your preparation. Let’s observe these points one by one!

CiscoCCNA IQ: Quick Overview

The certification CiscoCCNA Individual Qualification is designed for those who want to improve their expertise in web CCNA. To earn it, you have to complete two courses (CiscoCCNA for Beginners and Advanced CiscoCCNA) and pass the free GAIQ exam.

At the test, you’ll have 90 minutes to answer 70 questions, and you are required to achieve a score of at least 80% to pass it.

Perks of Being CiscoCCNACertified

Firstly, Being GAIQ certified is a great way to tell your potential employers that the IT giant Cisco validated your competence as a digital analyst.

It is proof that you’re as good as you say you are.

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Secondly, recruiters often use LinkedIn as a platform to headhunt potential employees. A great way to grab their attention is to have a recognized and demanded badge, and GAIQ fits this description.

Finally, CiscoCCNA certified individuals earn an average of $55k per year. So you know the credential will be worth it, especially since you don’t need to invest a dime into official courses or the test as they are free.

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no reason to doubt this saying since you can easily check its credibility by yourself. Don’t hesitate to supplement the CiscoCCNA Academy courses and YouTube video tutorials with reliable practice tests. These materials can make you:

  • be aware of what types of questions you get in the exam
  • understand the style and format of the language used to present the tasks
  • adhere to the time limits while still maintaining the best possible accuracy of your answers
  • get to know your weaker areas to work more on them before the assessment
  • be less nervous and more confident during the exam, hence making you more concentrated

Final Thoughts

CiscoCCNA is a valuable certification to prove your knowledge and skills in digital CCNA. You can always retake its related exam if you fail it.

But why not prepare for it with all the dedication to ace it on the first attempt considering a number of helpful study resources?

Increase your chances of passing the test with flying colors by preparing yourself with practice tests and get ready to enjoy numerous perks and adequate salary!

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