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Introducing Smile A955Z VoLTE smartphone

…You are required to download MySmile App for unique Data, voice and SMS experience



SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

In one of our recent review, we painted a picture of this scenario: Citizen ‘A’ picks up a phone to call Citizen ‘B’s attention to a looming security breach at a particular location, but the call could not go through. This time, the issue is not with the network service provider rather the mobile phone is fake and therefore impacts the network connectivity or reception. In that case, Citizen ‘B’ plies the route and got caught in the web of the unrest and lost his life.

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

Now, you understand why network operators and internet service providers are thinking out of the box. In fact, Smile Communications has shown intent to satisfy their customers by providing them with Original Equipment to connect.

Back to Smile Communications Voice Over Long Term Evolution (SmileVoLTE) smartphone.

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone unwrapped

SmileVoLTE was crafted with a sophisticated dual glass finish and a sleek metallic frame, the A955Z model of this phone I have comes with an inspiring Ultralight Unibody that is ergonomically designed to set a new standard for style.

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

The inside port showing inscription of Smile Communications

The Entry Level smartphone gives you a mesmerizing 5.45” HD touchscreen with 1.3 GHz Dual-core, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, 2950mAH battery.

Capture finer details and relive your cherished memories with the with 5MP front camera, 8MP back camera.

Never run out of space with 16 GB internal memory and multitask like a pro with 3GB RAM.

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone without the back cover

SmileVoLTE offers high definition voice & video calling over 4G LTE network. Switch anytime between audio and video call. Instant call connect.

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Other features including HD voice quality, WiFi hotspot, and running Android 9 OS, and comes with a complimentary phone case in the box.

Experience stunning colour reproduction. Its vibrant display offers great viewing angles for both indoors and outdoors

Smile complements the features with;

  • AlwaysON internet subscription valid for 30 days
  • Unlimited FREE on-net calls + SMSs
  • 100 off-net mins + 50 off-net SMS
SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

MySmile App

Before usage, download the MySmile App

I noticed that for you to have access to these complementary offers from Smile Communications you need to download MySmile App.

The app offers you the convenience to manage your Smile account on your mobile. That is another way of empowering users to take their destinies in their own hands.

What can you do with MySmile App?

With the MySmile App you can check balances, recharge data plans, recharge voice plans, recharge airtime, redeem airtime vouchers, share data and airtime, and contact Smile Customer Care with one click.

Aside that, you will have easy access to all your Smile product and services, anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, the app is not just for SmileVoLTE smartphone, you can actually leverage on it to get acquainted with their products and offerings by downloading on GooglePlay or App Store.

Smile MySmile app on Apple Store

MySmile app on App Store

Smile mysmile GooglePlay Store

Pricing and availability

SmileVoLTE is available in Smile Communications customer experience outlets, kiosks, shops and offices. It sells for ₦ 35,000.

My experience using the phone

When I got the phone and done with the charging, the next was to set up and it was a bit cumbersome, because I needed to speak to one of the customer agents before I could get down with that. But I think when you visit the customer experience centre the process will be less cumbersome. The gifted hands are there to assist.

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone and what you get in each pack

Downloading the app was very easy and the set up took me less than 5 minutes.

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Now, the battery, of course an Entry Level Smartphone with 2950 mAh battery, the experience was good. When I downloaded MySmile App, the process drained the battery from 98% to 93%.

Then, after the set-ups I left the phone on (without usage) and the battery lasted for two days. On the third day it was remaining like 12%.

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone unwrapped

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone offers clear voice experience

The most important thing to me is the clear and perfect sound when you are making a call. The browsing experience, of course makes you feel you are wasting 4G LTE. Not that it doesn’t browse very well, but there are some apps and movies you will be afraid to download on a phone of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

You also need to register the Sim card like every other sim is registered in Nigeria; no compromise on that. Smile is very strict on ensuring that you submit the right details which is quite commendable.

SmileVoLTE A955Z smartphone unwrapped


If Smile Communications tells me this smartphone is geared towards driving connectivity in the rural areas, I will gladly say they are on course.

With this device, they are surely working towards actualising the objective: to become the broadband provider of choice for SuperFast mobile broadband internet and SuperClear voice services in each of the markets and to provide over 300 million potential customers in countries of operation with a fast, reliable and high-quality broadband internet to accelerate development and wealth creation.

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