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Nominations ongoing for Women in Cybersecurity Awards Africa 2020




The inaugural Women in Cybersecurity Awards Africa 2020 (WICA Africa) is the first of its kind award to honor cybersecurity professionals in Africa.

According to the Executive Director, African Women in Security Network (AfricanWISN), Confidence Staveley, “The award will honor women who are making notable differences in the cybersecurity profession, their work and the industry as a whole. Helping African organizations, governments and the society be more digitally safe”.

Quoting “Women in Cyber: A Manifesto for Today” by Concordia and Women 4 Cyber publication, Staveley said “Currently, women represent only a minority of the workforce in the cybersecurity domain. The figures have increased over the years, but they are still far from reflecting a balanced representation of both genders.

“There are several reasons behind this lack of female presence. In addition to those in common with other STEM fields, we have to face the wide-spread perception of cybersecurity as a male-dominated and highly specialised IT field, thus, not an appropriate field for women to enter into.

“This situation calls for actions to contribute towards a cultural shift in favour of a more inclusive approach that would be beneficial for the cybersecurity market and of the society as a whole.

Also speaking on the award, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cyber In Africa, Cephas Okoh, said that the WICA Africa 2020 will not only recognize leading women, and create role models of them, but also elevate their profiles and brands; strengthen and amplify their voice; uncover their vital contributions to the profession; call further attention to and foster the women’s agenda in the security industry; while being an affirmative step towards creating an “awards culture” in cybersecurity in Africa.

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Awards Categories learned that the WICA Africa 2020 awards consist of the eight categories below:

1. Cybersecurity Women Champion Award

(for women doing significant work to support women get into and/or advance in cybersecurity)

2. Outstanding Cybersecurity Woman Leader Award

(for women who’ve made notable contributions in their leadership roles in organizations and/or industry initiatives)

3. Woman Hacker of the Year

(for women in red or blue or purple teaming who know their stuff and have had major success in technical work)

4. Cybersecurity Woman Influencer Award

(for women who have a unique, notable voice and are thought leaders in their domains)

5. Cybersecurity Woman Entrepreneur Award

(for women who’ve established, own and run cybersecurity companies in Africa)

6. Cybersecurity Woman Sales and Marketer of the Year

(for women working in sales and marketing in cybersecurity organizations in Africa)

7. Woman Data Privacy and Law Professional of the year

(for women with outstanding achievements in data privacy and cyber law domains in Africa)

8. Company Cybersecurity Diversity Award

(for companies that value and incorporate diversity in their security team)

Call to Action

The organisers are therefore calling all cybersecurity professionals in Africa to nominate their female peers, mentors, mentees and/or role models for this groundbreaking awards.

“Help us salute the people who fight back and the African women who’ve jumped into the fight to protect organizations and society.

Nominations close on 12th, September 2020

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