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Online Education System (OES): A Nigerian edtech solution that competes with Google Classroom

HOES Limited focus is on education sector. The goal is to help in redefining education sector in Nigeria via a 360 School Management System and introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into school solutions.



Online Education System

From the introduction of content management platforms to the launch of interactivity apps and all the action in between, EdTech startups are gaining wide popularity and rightly so, because they have made learning and education so much fun.

The novel Coronavirus Pandemic has even made the world realise how an efficient edtech platform is a huge blessing to the educational sector.  During this pandemic Edtech has changed the face of learning and the whole concept what a school is.

A decade ago, a university was an old building in the city where you went to get an education – nowadays there are MOOCs available online, with enrolment numbers skyrocketing.

Coding used to be reserved for talented IT professionals – now kids learn to code before they even know the alphabet.

Virtual reality was a Star Trek-like feature that people only saw in the movies – today it’s a highly efficient classroom tool.

In the next few years, education will strive to fully embrace technology, and this promising Nigerian startup – Hremsoft Online Examination Simulation (HOES) Limited – is a clear example of that.

HOES Limited focus is on education sector. The goal is to help in redefining education sector in Nigeria via a 360 School Management System and introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into school solutions.

Education in Nigeria during covid-19 pandemic

With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, education sector processes have become greatly hindered in all the States in Nigeria and indeed Africa. This has led to social distancing approach in solving the COVID-19 transmission.

The adopted solutions of social distancing have led to virtual approach in all sphere and because of our traditional approach in education; a halt has been put to the education sector. Thanks grace that students in exit classes in Senior and Junior secondary are partaking in the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) 2020.

But consider if the government had decided to retreat due to some students in Gombe State who reportedly contracted covid-19 on the cause of preparations for the exams and were made to write theirs from the isolation centre.

So, while social distance is being adopted, a need for converging virtual education approach became necessary to avoid a deepening of poverty-of-the-mind and character in the country. Indeed, all solutions proffered in resolving this education challenges in Nigeria is still limited, isolated and diverging state.

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This has further accelerated the advancement of a converging HOES products in the areas of remote classroom teaching, school coordination, student’s academic assignment and testing, school planning in the area of annual school census, annual school mapping and student’s administration and resource administration. in a chat with the Co-founder and CEO of Hremsoft Online Examination Simulation (HOES) Limited, Akinniran Ake, he listed HOES’ solutions that have the capacity to even greatly improve and further Ministry of Education (MOE’s) work.

Some of these solutions are, namely:

  • Online Education System (OES);
  • Online Annual School Census System and
  • Online Annual School Mapping System (Online ASMS)

Akinniran is passionate as edtech

For the sake of this report, we shall dwell on OES. But before that, permit me to tell you about Akinniran.

Akinniran Ake

Akinniran Ake

Akinniran is a graduate of Computer Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University for over 10 years.

He has and developed solutions in the area of Education and Entertainment. Work on Oracle, Mysql, MSSql and deep with EJBs development.

He has over 18-years-experience in java development. Also a network engineer with CCNA. He served for two years at SocketWorks Limited as a Senior Developer and Manager.

He also served for a year at Mtech Communications as a Developer. He has undertaken many projects in the past including: Osun State Civil Services Loan Board on HR Portal Solution, Data Mining;

  • Nigeria E-Government Strategy Projects (NeGST), ABUJA on Portal Designs
  • SAP Enterprise Portal., SAP Hana Training, SAP Fiori Development
  • Church Portal Designs with Full Role Implementation
  • Enterprise Content Management Implementation using Alfresco
  • Enterprise Student Management System Solution and presently UNESCO Annual School Census Solution. Copyright Ownership Project: Online Exams Simulation for Nigeria.

He has written papers on “Architectural Design and Implementation of e-CRM for web Solution”, In Conference Preceding of volume 16, Information Technology Capacity Building Nigeria.

He is also an author of book called: “Beauty of Life”. Author of OES Best Brain Talent Haunt.

Akinniran is familiar within this terrain; a gifted hand and passionate about edtech.

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OES can compete with any other solution in the range across the globe

Akinniran leads the team that built one of the HOES’ platforms called Online Education System (OES); an all-encompassing solution which handles major education departments and most especially academic area with 360 feedback reports to stakeholders.

OES is an enterprise Learning Management System which adopts the use of Performance, Evaluation, Assessment and Reporting (PEAR) Model to stakeholder.

Annual School Census solution is also integrated into OES in other to know the budget needed for the nation education especially for future planning by MOE on Education.

Lasting, allocation of those resources obtained to different States in the country for the state improvement can be done virtually through ASMS.

Diagram 1: Hremsoft Online Education System Workflow Process for Sustainable Education improvement and measurement

Diagram 11: HOES’ template for Federal Government Remote Coordination and Benefits on OES (Governmental Bodies on Education)

Diagram 111: HOES’ architecture on COVID-19 School management Integration for Government

OES Product features and benefits

The Online Examination Simulation features and benefits for MOE are listed as follows:

OES’ key features include:

  • UBE Exams such as Common Entrance Examinations.
  • Junior Secondary School Examinations.
  • The system can be updated remotely to avoid obsolete information or question practice.
  • The solution is available both on Windows and Android devices.
  • Real time teaching with Audio-Visual / Real Video Teaching
  • Daily Reporting system via emails and SMS

The advantages are;

  • It gives Parents full transparent performance view on their Children Education.
  • It serves as a resource center for Parents, Schools, Teachers and Students.
  • It creates value for our local educational contents for Students’ teaching in the Country
  • It allows Students to pass their exams at first sitting.
  • It creates a sustainable education system consolidation to Nigeria educational system.

How OES compares to Google Classroom, others

Can a Nigerian developed software like OES compete with Google Classroom?

The answer is yes. Take a look at the table below:

Table 2: Difference between OES (Nigeria) and Google Classroom (USA)

To adopt OES, you need only 3 things:

  1. Your device: computer or phone.
  2. Internet connection
  3. OES Pin. Or Access Login In.
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Then, to have OES Pin, you need to connect with the team or buy it online.

OES is growing

Ralph Suinner, the CEO & Partner of Foxfire CS Nigeria Limited recently joined the OES development team with keen interest after a coincidental meeting of this juggernaut honoured by the OBJ administration, Mr. Akinniran Oke.

Ralph Suinner

Ralph Suinner

Prior to FoxFire, Ralph assumed various roles within First Bank Plc UK, served as IT Manager with Universal Spinners Ltd and Company Director with Union Atlantic Ltd

“OES has broken ranks and taken the bull by the horn. I am an IT enthusiast firm a Business background and brought in an IT infrastructure outfit into Nigeria with a partner. I directed my focus to OES in the last two years to make the dream a reality. AKIN is a great guy…Consistent and focused”, Suinner said.

Akinniran speaks

In a chat with, Akinniran further listed the benefits of OES for the Nigerian youth and stakeholders in the education sector.

According to him, OES will enables Federal and State MoE to be able to properly monitor teachers and their students’ performance even while they (parents) are working to make ends meet. It also empowers the children through early use, adaptation & familiarizes children/youths to ICT usage via OES in Nigeria.

In his words, “It will help to address the Children’s interest in ICT enable education while showcasing the Government as one that promotes personal Students tutoring & helping to create world class educational standards in Nigeria.

“Proper Student’s area of strengths can be known by the Student, Parents at each practice session of the Students on the system, thus empowering and creating fun in the teaching process for the Student.

“It projects any Organization satisfying and consolidating the Government, UNESCO and USAID goals and initiatives for education in Nigeria when it comes to provision of ICT- Education product and also tracking reports and performances.

“Presents the country with a view of helping human capital development in Nigeria by adding values to Nigerian Education Strategies in reducing high failure rate, encouraging student-parent-teacher performance checking & further consolidating the nation’s position in education in producing students with good performance in academics”.


As an indigenous Information Technology Services and Infrastructure provider with track record of seamless end-to-end solutions, HOES has given Nigeria and indeed Africa, edtech solution that is all-encompassing. We recommend this product for the adoption in the Nigerian education system.  

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