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Two Nigerian startups selected for UNOPS Global Innovation Challenge



UNOPS - Afrimart and Scrapays
UNOPS - Afrimart and Scrapays

The UNOPS GIC has selected two Nigerian startups for the Global Innovation Challenge.

They are among the 25 Startups selected from the list of more than 600 applicants from all over the world.

UNOPS Global Innovation Challenge brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, programmers and developers to provide the creative ideas and solutions needed to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Interestingly, the two Nigerian startups are among the finalised selection process. The two Nigerians startups selected for the UNOPS Global Innovation Challenge 2020 are:

1. Jennings Creations – Afrimart

Afrimart is an e-commerce platform focused on providing seamless services with the highest level of customer satisfaction-With a variety of products like; African Antiques, Crafts, Traditional Music Instrument, Artifacts, Traditional Wears, Traditional Games and Agro-Allied products.

This is a new business initiative, the very first of its type for this category of African heritage products.

The business model is to distribute and export these products mainly to earn foreign exchange into the economy.

Afrimart’s vision is to boost the sales of local craftsmen and rural women farmers by buying directly from them as well as distributing and exporting to the target market.

“This will create direct and indirect jobs along the production chain, earn foreign exchange, stimulate Agricultural production and also provide a stable revenue for local craftsmen and rural women farmers,” said the Founder, Olajide Ojeniyi.

Afrimart also has plans to use an e-wallet system built on blockchain technology for transactions with the target market as well as with the local craftsmen and rural women farmers.

2. Scrapays Technologies Ltd 

Scrapays is a fusion of Recycling, Technology and finance. Scrapays uses technology to facilitate the recovery of recyclable waste in developing nations.

Scrapays employs a decentralized collected model, that allows individuals/businesses get reward in direct cash or commodity for giving off sorted waste host collection outlets and/or become independent collectors through our technology enabled solutions (USSD, Mobile and Web App)

The USSD or Mobile App, allows the waste producers connect the closet collector, by initiating a pickup request.

At the point of collection the sorted material is weighed, using an IOT portable Digital Scale, after which the direct monetary equivalence is disbursed into the collectors Scrapays wallet. According to the Co-Founder, Boluwatife Moses, this funds can be directly transferred to the individuals Bank account, used for mobile recharge credit or purchase on our partner marts.

“Therefore we are allowing them to get paid for what they previously referred to as rubbish and have always paid for” he said, according to the report by

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