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Did ‘Anonymous’ actually hack DSTV?

Confusion over ​social media claims that DSTV has been “hacked”



anonymous hacks DSTV, GOtv

Multichoice Nigeria, owners of DStv and GOtv, has refuted the claim that its system has been hacked.

The Company explained that the systems are only undergoing upgrade.

Why then are all the channels showing?

A source at Multichoice Nigeria, who pleaded anonymous as she is not allowed to speak officially on the development, disclosed that the company decided to open all of its channels because during the upgrade the subscribers would have difficulties accessing some channels on their bouquets.

“Instead of allowing subscribers to go through such challenge, we decided to open all channels till the upgrade is over,”

According to the source, the company had informed its subscribers last week Thursday that the upgrade exercise would last for about three days.

The source confirmed that Multichoice offices are under-going a system upgrade from 11 pm Saturday October 17 to 4pm Monday, October 19, 2020.

There is even more confusion in the air!

@EndSAR_and_SWAT (an Anonymous account) claimed that DSTV and GOtv were hacked:

See the tweet:

But, later @LiteMods (another Anonymous account) the supposed hackers of DStv, operated by Multichoice, denied that they really hacked it.

See the tweet:

“DSTV and GOTV arent hacked.. just a reminder.. also its funny how these ppl are attacking us saying “you didnt hack it”, we didnt say we hacked it, dont be a fool”.

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