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Kaiglo introduces Singles Day in West African e-commerce space

… Begins campaign for maiden edition

By Chiaom ADA




Kaiglo, a marketplace that offers consumer’s favourite market closer to them through online trading and helps entrepreneurs build brand recognition, has introduced Singles Day for the West African market.

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November 11 (11/11), known as “Singles Day,” is the world’s biggest 24-hour shopping event.

The statistics are staggering, both for the sheer volume of sales transacted in just one day and for year-over-year increase. In 2019, e-commerce giant Alibaba reported sales activity totaling USD38.4 billion.

Of course, the 11/11 is a singles day campaign held on the 11th of November, each year, the event was first started in China and is now the norm in most Asian countries.

Speaking on the development, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kaiglo, Mr. Victor Chukwuebuka Eze, said that the key feature of the event is celebrating singlehood and so it features activities and products that help reinforce the beauty and joy of being single.


CEO, Kaiglo, Victor Chukwuebuka Eze

According to him Kaiglo users should expect up to 70% discount on items within the 24-hour sales period.

“Kaiglo’s celebration of 11/11 is the first attempt by any company in Nigeria and if done properly can make a very big statement on the brand.

“The concept is new and unknown in this terrain and as such massive publicity activities must be carried out to create awareness including online and offline campaigns”.

Expatiating on this, Mr. Eze said, “The 11/11 celebration is a relatively unknown celebration in Africa especially in Nigeria and evidence of this is the fact none of the big brands in Nigeria has ever celebrated or acknowledged the day.

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He said that Double 11 is another means Kaiglo is adding value to the region’s economy as some rising brands and small businesses stand to benefit from the sales opportunity it proved.

“We expect that 11/11 will bring an unspoken excitement that will thrum every office; employees and executives alike who will be on high alert on that day”, he added.

Kaiglo’s hyper-attentive, briskly efficient attitude towards merchants and users is what the platform has going for it as it conveys no room for error or excuses hence Double 11 2020 will be an exciting experience. 

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