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Phillips Consulting introduces Bite-Sized Micro-Courses to help Nigerians upskill



Phillips Consulting
Phillips Consulting (pcl.) bit- sized courses

Globally, work as we knew it was always poised to undergo a massive transformation driven by several developments.

It was characterized by conflicting information and rooted behaviours for almost a decade.

This left plenty of room for debates across the advancement of technology, the talent evolution, the data boom, and more.

The reality, however, is that the transformation of work is painting an even bigger picture than we envisioned or planned for.

The creative destruction of Coivd-19 has ultimately led to an acceleration of said changes and workplaces have been taken over by radical innovation.

These are among the reasons Phillips Consulting (pcl.) introduced Bite-Sized Micro-Courses targeted at the future of work in Nigeria.

Yes. Offices are becoming smarter and talent more competitive. Softer skills like hosting online meetings, running successful teleconferencing, and collaborating via social media apps have become the mainstay.

Geopolitical transformations are having an unprecedented impact on the daily changes we see.

“Several mega-trends are bringing a radical shift to the way we work, live, and learn. We are looking, listening, learning, and creating banisters for all genres of the corporate world to transition smoothly on the unprecedented path to the future of work”, said Senior Consultant Learning Innovation, Fokanferanmi Okojie.

Despite emergence from the pandemic lockdown, our unemployment rates are skyrocketing daily, youth are shaken and those currently employed are clearly unprepared for the future that is speedily presenting itself.

The systems designed to support learning at all levels are just as inadequately prepped for the change.

The quality of our long-term professional talent pool is dwindling and the influx of youth into the workforce only fails deeper when they are onboarded to a corporate system with no plan for the future of work.

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This opportunity has presented itself for workable accessible solutions to bridge the knowledge and competence gap that currently exists in Nigeria.

This must be done with a sense of purpose in contributing towards shaping the change that must take place.

According to the Head of Training at pcl, Nwaji Jibunoh, “Nigeria is at the inflection point where the name of the new game is how best prepared you are for the future. Upskilling yourself will no longer be about fulfilling requirements but about survival”. As technology continues to evolve and adoption accelerated, moving closer and closer towards fully automated systems, the future of work and the emerging technology skillsets required, are no longer conversations for tomorrow, but rather, for today. COVID-19 has forced us to reimagine the way that we work digitally, and it has brought the reality into our lives in many unimaginable ways. The growth of the digital workplace will continue unabated!

The Managing Director Phillips Consulting, Rob Taiwo, stated that “Covid-19 has accelerated the rate of technology adoption. Recent pandemic GDP indicators in Nigeria suggest that we will continue to see ICT growth. However, whilst we expect the impact to remain fairly low in the manufacturing sector, we can expect major disruption in financial services and logistics. Policy change and training are powerful tools that the public and private sector can use to prepare human capital for the impending disruption”.

As an innovative and tech-driven company, Phillips Consulting has developed a solution that shall address the challenges this current environment faces.

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The pcl. Micro Courses is a Virtually led interactive learning intervention. The unique and innovative price point of each course is designed to enable accessibility for the busy corporate professionals, students, unemployed graduates, and lifelong learner, etc.

“Our learning team will psychometrically profile learners and guide them to courses they genuinely need for their development. Every course offered is an opportunity to interact with hundreds of minds per bite-sized session and active learners are prioritized into the pcl. talent pool for job opportunities. These courses will inspire, educate, and shape learning for the future, whilst disrupting a stagnant career trajectory”, the Company said.

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