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Why African businesses should move beyond coping with COVID-19 – TEXEM UK

By Chisom ADA




An international consulting outfit, TEXEM UK has called on business and public sector executives and leaders of organisations from Nigeria and other African countries to look for ways of surviving COVID-19.

The firm advocates that the executives and leaders should move beyond coping and develop actionable strategies to win in periods of uncertainty when the global pandemic is still rampant.

According to the platform’s website, accessed on Wednesday, leaders know that they need strategies for coping and surviving but the billion Naira question is how they can achieve growth when the economic outlook is negative.

The platform notes that during challenging periods like COVID-19 pandemic, countries, organisations need leaders to inspire the implementation of timely, and practical strategic insights that will help them thrive when others are failing.

It says that organisations also need strategic and visionary leaders for effective navigation of uncertainties and to help them achieve sustainable success in the face of unprecedented volatility.

TEXEM UK’s Director Caroline Lucas discloses that the platform is, therefore, inviting leaders in the public and private sector to participate in engaging live virtual sessions on strategies for surviving the volatile periods of such global pandemics.

Lucas says that the 2-day senior executive programme has as its theme, “Beyond Survival: Developing Actionable Strategies for Success in an Era of Negative Growth”.

According to the website, the programme will leverage the firm’s impeccable pedigree of helping organisations to win.

It also promises online participants the opportunity of learning practical strategies to give their organisations the best chances of achieving sustainable, profitable growth.

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Among resource persons to deliver lectures are world-renowned faculties such as Prof. Christian Stadler from Warwick Business School, UK, and Prof. John Peters, a former Royal Air Force fighter, and Chairman, Association of MBAs.

Also, the sessions, slated for Oct. 7 and Oct. 8, will attract highly experienced corporate leaders like Samer Chidiac who is Regional Director & Resident Chief Innovation Officer, Microsoft Technology Centers across Middle East and Africa will share insights on how analytics can help leaders to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

Other sub-themes of the programme include, ‘Developing an innovative mind-set for organisational successes, ‘The superiority of an ambidextrous organisation: lessons from case studies’, and ‘Moving outside the conventional activities of learning’.

One of the resource persons, Prof John Peters in his comment on the coming event, notes that:

“The African economy is facing a downturn, if not a complete recession for the next 12-24 months”.

“Besides the fact that leading indicators such as GDP have softened in most countries, African organisations are facing dramatic forex fluctuations, negative growth, operating income shortages, low morale, and diminishing productivity.

“If history serves as a guide, most leaders will prepare too little, too late, and too conservatively. Yet slowdowns bring tremendous opportunities despite the challenges.

“Organisations can benefit competitively during and after the recession, and a common set of actions can bring about that success which this programme will help organisations achieve this and more,” Peters said.

According to TEXEM it is one of the world’s top learning platforms for African executives and organisations.

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