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With Enextgen’s mobile app you can monitor quality of mobile internet in your location



Enextgen Wireless mobile app for (telecom) network monitoring

Enextgen Wireless has continued to empower the general public, especially internet users on how to get quality of service and value for money spent on data.

Aside their periodic examinations, studies and reports, Enextgen has developed a mobile application that you can use to monitor mobile internet in your location.

When you run the app, you will be able to see the quality of your connection.

For instance, the app will enable you to assist and contribute to Enextegen’s effort to map the quality of coverage provided by MTN Nigeria.

In the first phase of the report, Enextgen confirmed that MTN is the largest mobile network operator in Nigeria.

“If you use MTN for your mobile connection and use an Android based mobile unit, please download our mobile app.

“MTN plays a major role in providing internet access in Nigeria, given that mobile networks are the predominant means of accessing the internet in the country.

“As the quality of internet access via MTN degrades so does the overall ease of internet access in the country. Simply by using our mobile app to monitor the quality of your own experience, you will be contributing to making the quality of service offered by MTN visible to the company”, said the President, Enext Inc., Engineer Remi Adeyeye.

He said that this might encourage MTN to pay a little more attention to the quality of its network.

See the map:

Enextgen Wireless mobile app 1

Source: Enextgen Wireless

How to download the app:

Step 1: Visit Enextgen Wireless website

Step 2: Click on Enextlog

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Step 3:  Click on ‘Download Enextlog’ button at the bottom of the page.

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