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4 simple tips for safeguarding your ATM card

BY David Oladele



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There is no doubt that the human race has experienced technology in a way that is never anticipated.

Technology has affected everything in the world including the business transaction and engagement.

The coming together of technology companies and the banking sector has brought about monumental changes in the way financial services are conducted all over the world., in this article, is highlighting some of the basic elements of this technology in financial institutions.

And one of these elements is a debit card popularly known as Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card. This so important in financial transactions that there is no bank, be it in Nigeria or anywhere in the world that does not issue it to its customers.

Meanwhile, the usage of this ATM card has its disadvantages. The disadvantages of the card can occur if it is carelessly handled by any user.

It is worrisome that debit card fraud is increasing day by day because it has made financial transactions very easy.

Meanwhile, Zenith Bank as one of the leading financial institutions in the country recently posted a video on its YouTube channel in which both its customers and the general members of the public can learn the perfect way of handling the card.

Below are the perfect ways of handling debit card:

1. Protect Your Personal PIN

You are not to expose your Personal Identity Number (PIN) to anybody. This is what fraudsters always look for. They know that once your pin is exposed to them, your money is gone.

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2. Don’t use your debit card in an unsafe environment

Always make sure that you use your card in a safe environment. The fraudsters can target your card because with the card number, they can code your personal pin and withdraw your money.

3. Check your card activities always

 You must check your account activities always. You are entitled to a statement of account of your transaction from your bank.

4. Report suspicious activities to your bank

In case of any suspicious activities, immediately report the case to your bank.

Take note, therefore, if you harness all these tips, your money is safe in any bank at all times.

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