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Amber wins Marketing Edge’s product launch of the year award



L-r: Auditor, Amber Energy Drink, Adeyemi Adefemi; Accountant, Wale Amusuru; Past President, Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) and the CEO, Lady Bird, Mrs Bunmi Oke, after presenting the Outstanding Product Launch of the year award won by Amber Energy Drink to the Assistant Sales Head, Amber Energy Drink, Korede Omole and Loan Officer of the Company, William Otum, during the Marketing Edge Brands & Advertising Excellence Awards held recently in Lagos
Amber Energy Drink, a premium energy drink from the stable of Amber Drinks Limited has won the prestigious Marketing Edge Excellence Award.

Amber emerged winner in the “Product launch of the Year’ category at the high-octane event held recently at the D’Podium international event centre on Aromire Avenue, Lagos.

For the management team of the energy drink, it was indeed a memorable occasion as the Amber brand shone brilliantly like the Northern star when they stepped out to receive the award.

Amber was launched at an exclusive virtual media event July this year due to the prevalence of the covid-19 global pandemic and other attendant government protocols.

The energy drink brand was heralded into the competitive Nigerian energy drinks market with a 360 degree Integrated marketing communications support.

The unique and innovative launch of the product with the deployment of avant-garde publicity and top of the mind awareness creation jolted the market which had hitherto remained quiet and dull due to the pandemic fall-out.

Barely a month after,  the new Amber Energy Drink began gaining traction, driving sales in the Nigerian burgeoning Energy Drinks market with the product rapidly penetrating major stores and trade outlets in Lagos State.

Demonstrating its resolve to be different and stands out of the pack, Amber Energy Drink within 3 months of market entrance launched a major Corporate Social Responsibility initiative through Amber Free Bus Ride project.

The Amber Free Bus Ride project was a major charity project the brand initiated to allow commuters in Lagos metropolis enjoy free BRT bus rides to their destinations for three months. It was one unique effort that resonated quickly with the Lagos state residents many of whom became early converts to the premium energy drink.

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As if this was not enough, the energy drink brand began an ambitious empowerment programme where over one thousand Nigerians have been assisted to become their own bosses by starting their own enterprises.

The empowerment programme which continues to record huge successes with more participants have been providing Nigerians the opportunity to own and grow their businesses through soft loans and business support initiatives. It was introduced as a solution to the challenges of unemployment and targeted at poverty alleviation and also to help generate jobs and income.


With reduced caffeine and taurine content, the beverage brand is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyle, ranging from sports to entertainment.

It is also fortified with amino acid, citric acid and essential B-vitamins in addition to Guarana spice, which are required daily to fight fatigue, improve concentration and keep the body energized all day long.

Speaking on why Amber Energy drink won the award, John Ajayi, Publisher/CEO, MARKETING EDGE said: “It is on record that the grand entry of Amber Energy Drink into the market, only a few months ago, shattered myths, broke records, set new standards in innovation, instant market penetration; and carved a niche for itself that will be difficult for any new product in the market to match. Its profile has been rising since inception; and its penetration of the market has been significantly phenomenal!

Indisputably, the brand has come with amazing innovativeness in its development, packaging, distribution and brand building initiatives, thus flagging off a heritage of uniqueness and consumer-centricism. This award is a recognition, appreciation and celebration of all the above and much more. It is also a pointer to what the future holds for this very promising brand; and a very strong endorsement by the consumers”.

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