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Four tips to buy cheaper products, secure free delivery during Black Friday



Black Friday delivery
Black Friday & free delivery

Black Friday is like the period you get rewarded by retailers for your loyalty.

Oh, yes, it is quite phenomenal how in recent years, both ecommerce players and retailers have used Black Friday to sweep thrifty shoppers off their feet.

So much that the shopping event is no longer restricted to a single-day shopping spree but has rather taken over the entire month to become Black November.

If you drove around the streets of Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg for instance, the number of billboards showing discounted Black Friday sales as well as digital advertisements are proof of the retailers’ craze to maximize consumer spend during the BF period.

Undoubtedly, the ripple effect that Black Friday sales have on African economies cannot be overlooked.

According to Black Friday Global, a marketing website, Black Friday sales are 1,331% and 1,952% higher than average-day sales in the continent’s two largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa respectively. In this view, how is Black Friday providing an economic lift to the continent?

To get your fair share of the ongoing Jumia Black Friday sales, for instance, here are tips on how to get cheaper products or free delivery: 

1. Shop free delivery from Jumia Black Friday partners:

Beyond the price slash on products, there are other added incentives like free or cheaper delivery offered by some brands for customers who are willing to optimize the Black Friday sales.

Brands such as Unilever, Samsung, Absolute, Nivea and P&G are offering free and faster shipping on their products.

Others eligible for free shipping include products from Coca cola, Reckitt Benkiser hygiene products, Nestle seasoning and beverage products, gadget products by Umidigi, and Apple.

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The offer is however open to customers based in Lagos.

2. Shop Jumia Express:

Free delivery offer from the above listed brands can be better leveraged via the Jumia Express which offers faster delivery within 24 hours of placing your order.

3. Subscribe to Jumia Prime Plus:

Also as part of the Black Friday deal, Jumia is giving its Prime Plus Subscribers the opportunity to save more even after the sales period.

Existing and new subscribers to the plan will enjoy up to 20% off on 3 months package and free delivery on all local items and Jumia food orders.

4. Select pick-up station at checkout:

Customers can also leverage the Pick-up station option on the checkout page to pay cheaper delivery fees and also stand a chance of winning shopping vouchers. 

It is an open secret that Black Fridays are windows of opportunities to get choice brands at hugely discounted prices, but there’s more on offer to customers during this sales period through which they can buy more for less and key into benefits that last beyond the sales period. 

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