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Ikeja Electric explains how much customers will be charged as new tariffs are implemented



Buhari, Chinedu Amah

Ikeja Electric Plc, on November 1, 2020 commenced the implementation of revised service reflective tariff for customers under its coverage.

In a public notice, the Electricity Distribution Company, Disco, said they commenced implementation of the revised Service Reflective Tariff (SRT), as approved by the Regulator.

“This revision is further to the consultative review meetings held between the Federal Government, Labour Unions and other Stakeholders, following concerns raised about the basis of the MYTO 2020 SRT tariffs, which were earlier planned to be implemented from 1st September, 2020”, the statement reads.

Under the SRT, the tariff classification is based on quality of service and therefore, divided into 5 Bands (A-E); measured by the average availability of power supply over a month, interruptions (frequency and duration), voltage levels and other service parameters.

With the revised tariff regime:

  1. Non-MD customers in Band A, with a minimum of 20 hours daily will now pay N51.22/Kwh.
  2. Band B customers with minimum of 16 hours daily will be charged N46.93/Kwh;
  3. while Band C customers with a minimum of 12 hours daily will be charged N37.95/Kwh.

However, please note that customers in Bands D and E, with minimum of eight hours and four hours per day, respectively, are not impacted by the tariff revision.

“Their SRT tariffs have been frozen and consequently, they will continue to be charged the old tariff prior to the introduction of the SRT.

“Already, Prepaid Meter customers in Bands A – C, who vend from November 1, 2020 will be charged the new tariff while same will be implemented for Postpaid customers in these bands, during the November billing cycle.

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“We want to use this opportunity to solicit the continued support and understanding of our customers as we move forward with this new tariff regime, which will enable the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry cover cost of their operations and ensure improved service delivery”, the Disco said.

The Company further assured the customers of their commitment to service improvements in customer service delivery, infrastructural upgrade, metering and technological solutions, within the shortest possible time.

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