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Rachel Tobac at Sophos Evolve demos how social engineering attacks happen

By Chisom ADA



Rachel Tobac on Social engineering attacks
Rachel Tobac on Social engineering attacks

A Social Engineer & Ethical Hacker, Rachel Tobac, has hinted on how cyberattack has changed based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tobac demoed how this occurs during her presentation during 2020 Sophos Evolved – Cybersecurity Summit, also used human-based attacks to train people on the methods criminals use to gain access to their money, data, or systems.

She also disclosed how quickly, and easily social engineering attacks can happen, providing best practice advice to help people limit the risk.

Tobac explained that it is a wrong assumption that attackers are lazy because they use the principle of persuasion before accessing people’s money or data.

Ethical Hacker, in her presentation at the ongoing 2020 Cybersecurity Summit, displayed how attackers get access people’s privacy as a way of revealing their secrets.

Tobac who first talked about the state of trust under COVID-19 said it is not strange that trust has been impacted in the year 2020 more than ever before.

Rachel Tobac on Social Engineering attacks

According to her, “We have a lot information that has been manipulated whether in our inbox, phones, on social media or sometimes in the news.

“Everything on fake coronavirus drugs and if you are on Facebook, you probably must have read a news story that Russian President Vladimir Putin released 500 lions to stop people going outdoors during the hit of coronavirus pandemic.

“Also the ever-present 5G networks. These are the works of attackers. So, COVID-19 has impacted everyone somehow.”

Sophos Evolved – 2020 Cybersecurity Summit continues today.

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