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Ransomware is bullish – Book your Virtual seat at Sophos Cybersecurity Summit, learn how to stay ahead



Sophos Evolve
Sample of a network under ransomware attack

Sophos, a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity, recently announced the findings of its global survey, Cybersecurity: The Human Challenge, which reveals that organizations are never the same after being hit by ransomware.

In particular, the confidence of IT managers and their approach to battling cyberattacks differ significantly depending on whether or not their organization has been attacked by ransomware.

On ransomware, the report shows that IT managers at organizations hit by ransomware are nearly three times as likely to feel “significantly behind” when it comes to understanding cyberthreats, compared to their peers in organizations that were unaffected (17% versus 6%).

More than one third (35%) of ransomware victims said that recruiting and retaining skilled IT security professionals was their single biggest challenge when it comes to cybersecurity, compared with just 19% of those who hadn’t been hit.

When it comes to security focus, the survey found that ransomware victims spend proportionally less time on threat prevention (42.6%) and more time on response (27%) compared to those who haven’t been hit (49% and 22% respectively), diverting resources towards dealing with incidents rather than stopping them in the first place.

How do you stay ahead, undefeated?

Book Your Virtual seat Sophos Evolve – 2020 Cybersecurity Summit – to Learn, relearn, and unlearn the latest Cyber Security strategies, techniques, innovations, and next-generation technologies to drive your business forward in 2020 and beyond.

Join Industry & Technology experts to learn how you can use the latest innovations in protection and prevention to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

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Whether you’re new to Sophos or an existing customer or partner, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how attacks turn into full-scale breaches and the steps you can take to stop them.

TIME: Join us live at 10am GMT / 11am CET both days

DATE: 17 and 18 November 2020

This is a virtual event across the world including CISO’s, IT Director, Cybersecurity Officers, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Security Professionals, Hackers, Start-Up’s, OEM’s, Government, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, and many more.

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Over the two days event, industry experts will showcase the most cutting-edge technologies and provide insight from speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences.

What you will learn:

  • Cybersecurity Evolved with Sophos Central
  • Live Hacking Demo: See How Your Enemies are Mutating
  • Threat Hunter Insights: Real Hacks Deconstructed
  • Technical Deep Dive: How to Stop the Top Threats of 2020
  • Understanding Your Cybersecurity Risk Profile
  • Exploring the Six Types of Security Leader
  • Cybersecurity Strategy Evolved
  • Sophos Threat Report 2021
  • How to Protect Your Company Brand if a Breach Occurs

There will also going to be presentations like; Live Hacking Demo: Hacking the Human

  • Cyber Security in the Age of COVID-19
  • Making the most of Intercept X and EDR
  • XG Firewall Innovations
  • Managed Threat Response
  • Securing the Cloud with Sophos
  • Sophos Email Innovations
  • Sophos Global Support Update & Cybersecurity Clinic.


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