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REGISTER: Meet the speakers for Sophos Evolve – Cybersecurity Summit 2020

By Chisom ADA



Sophos experts and other industry leaders are warming up for the Sophos Evolve – Cybersecurity Summit – to teach participants on the usage of latest innovations in protection and prevention to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

So, you have to REGISTER to explore the security needs of future tech at the 2020 Cybersecurity Summit. Expand your knowledge and gain the security skills needed to steer your organization to a more secure future.

Learn, relearn, and unlearn the latest Cyber Security strategies, techniques, innovations, and next-generation technologies to drive your business forward in 2020 and beyond.

TIME: Join the sessions live at 10am GMT / 11am CET both days – DATE: 17 and 18 November 2020

Who will be speaking?

The CEO of Sophos, Kris Hagerman, will open the latest in Sophos Evolve series by giving you his perspective on the cybersecurity challenges businesses of all sizes are facing today.

He’ll consider what the recent changes in how we are all living and working mean for those charged with securing users and data, and will provide insights on how Sophos is evolving to meet the challenge.

Sophos Evolve Host, Rob Maddalena, will share some of the highlights from day one, and will announce some of the winners from our Sophos Evolve competitions, before introducing our first guest speaker Keren Elazari, Security Analyst & Ethical Hacker.

For many cybersecurity and risk pros, becoming a leader is challenging, as a Guest Speaker, the VP, Principal Analyst Security & Risk, Forrester, Jeff Pollard, will discuss the different types of security leaders including the background, behaviors, and characteristics that will help leaders define who they are, and what they want next for their careers.

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A Security Analyst & Ethical Hacker, Keren Elazari’s TED talk about hackers has been viewed by millions, translated into 30 languages and is one of TED’s most-watched talks on the topic of cybersecurity. Keren will share her recent research into how cybercriminals are adapting to our new ways of living and working and will walk you through the realities and challenges of cybersecurity in the age of COVID-19.

Joe Levy CTO, Dan Schiappa, CPO, Ross Mckerchar, CISO, Sophos will discuss how hackers and threats are constantly advancing, and how Sophos continues to evolve cybersecurity to be more predictive and adaptive – developing a cybersecurity system capable of responding, thinking, and improving on its own.

Sophos Evolve will host the launch of the 2021 Threat Report providing insights into emerging and evolving cybersecurity trends. The Principal Threat Scientist, Sophos, Chet Wisniewski, will be joined by Fraser Howard, Principal Threat Researcher, Sophos Labs and Keren Elazari, Ethical Hacker to discuss the findings and take your questions.

A winner of DEF CON’s Social Engineering Capture the Flag contest; a Social Engineer & Ethical Hacker, Rachel Tobac, launches human-based attacks to train people on the methods criminals use to gain access to your money, data, or systems.

Rachel will showcase how quickly, and easily social engineering attacks can happen, providing best practice advice to help you limit your risk.

The Founder of Africahackon Dr. Bright Gameli Mawudor will also be speaking.

Dr. Bright reveals how adversaries attack, sharing the latest reconnaissance tactics, replicating the latest ransomware techniques to exploit corporate networks, giving insights into the role of early detection and response intelligence and will share ideas on your mitigation options and processes.

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Ben Verschaeren and Aaron Bugal, Sophos: Ben and Aaron will pick up where the experts left off with the top threats for 2020 and will walk you through the technologies and strategies you need to make sure you are secured against them. He’ll showcase real use cases and give you best practice advice to improve your cybersecurity posture.

The goal is to prevent falling victim to a cyber-attack, the reality is businesses need to be prepared should the worst happen, both technically and in how to manage the fallout. The Associate Professor, Cyber, University of Kent, Jason Nurse‘s extensive research suggests companies still don’t know how to respond effectively to the public and media. In this session he’ll share a practical playbook for effective communication after cybersecurity incidents.

Eric Kokonas and Caralyn Stern, Sophos Threat Response: Eric and Caralyn will share and discuss a framework for assessing your cybersecurity posture, from basic policy reviews, management hygiene to forward planning. You’ll get a comprehensive view of what you need to evaluate, and how you can do it.

How to participate

Participation is FREE but you will have to register HERE for you to have access to the event.

See Cybersecurity in action

The experts will help you optimize your cybersecurity solutions through the Cybersecurity Clinics planned for the two-day event.

During the Demo Labs, you will see solutions in action and hear about product and services roadmap.

There will be Free Training as every attendee will have the opportunity to claim their free training voucher.

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