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​See NCC approved steps to lodge complaints as telecom consumer

By Chisom ADA



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Telecom Consumer Complaint template

Consumers of telecom services who are dissatisfied with services rendered to them by any of the Service Providers have a right to seek redress of the situation by reporting to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) after they would have reported to their respective service providers and are still not satisfied with the responses, can confirm.

The Commission has also gone ahead to explain the procedures consumers should follow to lodge their complaints in case they are dissatisfied with services rendered by a Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

Here are the steps to lodge your complaints:

When dissatisfied with telecom services:

The Consumer should contact the service provider, whose services or product he/she is not satisfied with, to make a complaint and obtain a complaint ticket number. In case the issue is not satisfactorily resolved by the service provider, the consumer should contact NCC through any of the following:

i. Complete a Digital Consumer Complaints Form on the Consumer Web Portal ( or send a mail to walk into any of the NCC offices listed below to make a complaint.


ii. Write a letter to NCC and submit to any of the addresses listed below. The letter, either handwritten or typewritten should be legible, concise and not more than two (2) A4 pages. The letter must be signed by the consumer who is dissatisfied.


iii. Call the NCC Contact Centre Toll-Free number 622 to lodge the complaint providing ticket number given by operator.


a. Send email to [email protected]

b. When lodging a formal complaint, you must provide the required information as outlined below.

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The complaint must state name, address, Phone number(s), fax, or e-mail of the dissatisfied consumer; a statement of the problem and duration (how long the problem has lasted); a brief explanation of the circumstance that led to the complaint; name of service provider and the number of the Telephone that has the problem; the date you contacted the service provider about your complaint; and copies of any relevant supporting document to assist in our investigation.

c. What happens when a consumer’s complaint is received by NCC Consumer Affairs Bureau?

The Consumer Affairs Bureau analyses the complaint and starts investigations immediately. The Bureau will mediate as appropriate to resolve the issues.

d. Will NCC Consumer Affairs Bureau give a feedback to the consumer who lodged a formal complaint?

Yes. In situations where investigations are concluded in less than 48 hours, the dissatisfied consumer will be reached by phone or e-mail. This communication can also be in writing.

e. Do I have to pay for the services of the Consumer Affair Bureau?

No. The services of the CAB are rendered FREE OF CHARGE.

f. Can an aggrieved consumer sue the service provider in law court over a breach of contract?

Yes. However, in line with the provision of the Nigeria Communications Act (NCA) 2003, a dissatisfied consumer should first seek redress with the Service Provider, and later with NCC. A court action may be considered as last option.

g. What avenues for redress are available within NCC?

The NCC has two distinct redress processes available.

These are:

  1. Consumer Complaints Resolution Process
  2. Arbitration Process
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h. What issues can consumers complain to NCC about?

Doubtful bills, Arbitrary disconnection of lines, Nonchalant attitude towards genuine complaints, poor services delivery, inappropriate or deceptive advertisements, unauthorized increase in price, supply of sub-standard equipment, exploitation and invasion of privacy and any matters connected thereto.

For any complaints: Contact your service provider. If you are dissatisfied with the intervention from your service provider, call NCC Toll Free Number, 622.

For online complaints send email to: [email protected]

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