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Spacecom, Paratus to provide broadband connectivity services in Africa via AMOS-17 Satellite

By Chisom ADA



AMOS-17 Satellite for Off-grid areas
AMOS-17 Satellite set for Launching
Spacecom, operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, have signed a contract with Paratus, a pan-African telecommunications service provider that offers a wide range of connectivity solutions to more than 22 African countries through an extensive independently owned network, via the fully digital  AMOS-17satellite.

“AMOS-17’s unique performance and capabilities, highly flexible service architecture, combined with its central position over Africa provide an excellent solution to the growing digital needs in Africa. We are happy to contract services on the AMOS-17 satellite, which will provide a wide variety of users with cost effective, ubiquitous coverage and reliable connectivity spanning from remote regions to maritime and aeronautical markets”, said Paratus South Africa Managing Director, Kallie Carlsen.

“Spacecom welcomes Paratus on board our advanced AMOS-17 satellite and we are delighted to provide Paratus with capacity for their expanding communication needs in Africa.” Said today Spacecom’s VP Sales for SADC, Lior Melnik, and added “I believe our partnership will continue to grow further in the near future, and satellite services via AMOS-17 will enhance Paratus’ growth in Africa”.

AMOS-17 is a fully digital HTS satellite, designed specifically to meet Africa’s fast-growing communication demands.

The satellite’s C-Band HTS, Ka-Band and Ku-Band coverage, enable the combination of broad regional beams and high throughput spot beams that maximize throughput and spectral efficiency.

AMOS-17 supports connectivity between Africa, the Middle East, Europe, India and China.

Paratus South Africa is committed to be an end-to-end, single-point service provider to customers whose businesses extend to geographically remote areas and those who need a versatile communication solution that can be easily implemented.

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Through leveraging business technologies such as the AMOS-17 satellite, businesses can enjoy the instant integration of satellite into their value proposition which can be tailored to meet their needs.

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