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Top 10 iOS 14 new features added to iPhones that make them astonishing

Article Written by Oke Charles



iPhone 12
iOS 14 and iPhones

In June 2020 apple introduced the iOS 14 and after testing it extensively for some month’s I’m here to share the top best features of the iOS 14.

The new OS from apple is one of the biggest upgrades we’ve seen from apple in a long while it even got some android fan boys claiming that apple just copied what has been on android for years.

One of the biggest revamps has to be the home screen and widget.

 I’ve had so much fun with widgets because of how I can customize them to my taste. The new iOS 14 gives you some sort of control and we know that apple don’t put their users in control it is mostly IOS controlling the user.

The current version is iOS 14.2 and even the version 14.3 is currently out for public Beta testing. There have been fixes and new additional features each time an upgrade comes out. 

This new iOS 14 works fine on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it works well on the iPhone X and Xr, up to the new iPhone 12 line up.

iPhone 12

iOS 14 and new features in iPhones

When it comes to updates I think there’s still a lot of catching up for the IOS and one big feature that I want to see on iphones is the split screen that is available on androids but without taking time lets go straight into the best features of the IOS 14.

The Top Best IOS 14 Features for iPhones:

1. App Library

This is a feature that android users have been enjoying for a very long time its basically a folder that houses various apps but on iPhone its quite different let me explain. On iPhone it is a screen that is at the end of your home screen that is if you swipe left.

It organizes all your apps into folders, like social media apps or recently added apps. This new feature is for you to get quick access to your apps since the apps will get scattered on the home screen.

Inside the folders you will save particular apps so anytime you need one you know where you can easily go to.

2. Widgets

Widgets were there before but with this update you can pin them in any section of the home screen thereby giving you access to information quickly.

This will allow for quick information since the widgets are on the home screen. Android users are already familiar with widget and they come in handy most of the time especially for weather reports. With this new feature the IOS 14 brings something important that deserves to be there right from time. They can be in the menu or you can drag them to your home screen for quicker information.


3. Picture in Picture

This is my favorite feature of all I wonder why it took so long to get here. How on earth was this not available all these years. Well with this feature you can now watch videos and pick up calls.

This is something that we have been yearning for all this while glad apple finally brought it on board. It was on ipad and it allows you watch videos while doing other things on your phone.

4. Minimalized siri

Siri will be wearing a new look on the IOS 14 and I’m glad it won’t take up the whole screen like it used to in previous versions.

It pops up on any page you call it up on which is remarkable it takes up a tiny portion at the bottom of the display. There are also some upgrades like translations, and audio messages.

5. Default Third Party App

Apple will finally allow users to set other apps as their default third party apps unlike before when you couldn’t use any app but the Apple Custom Apps as default application.

With the new IOS 14 you can set Google chrome as your default browser and Gmail as you default email app. This is essential because most people have preference; they like to choose what suite their lifestyle.

6. Maps

Maps have been upgraded with the introduction of cycling routes, stairs and bike lanes. The app will show you locations of speed cameras and red light cameras.

The app will help you find the most visited places in the world.

The map is one aspect we expect apple to constantly upgrade and with what is coming on the IOS 14 we can say it’s a step in the right direction.

7. Message Pinning

Messaging is very important on apple iphones and there has been an important addition in this aspect. This addition will span across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. With this new feature you can pin messages which can be handy especially if you message multiple people at a time. This little addition is very important and a lot of people will find it useful.


8. Apple Car Key   

This new feature will allow you to use NFC to unlock and start your car. Apple is the first to bring a standard digital car key although tesla has something similar.

With this feature you can also share your digital car key with friends and family through messaging this can be revoked at any time.

You need a modern car however to use this feature we are yet to know the cars that will take advantage of this feature but I’m sure tesla cars will top that list.

9. Improved translation

Apple introduced the new translate app which we can say is their version of Google Translate. The app listens to your voice and gives you the meaning of what you said in another language. You can download various languages in the settings.

10. Memoji

Ever since the introduction of memoji we have seen how people have been flying them across social media. With IOS 14 we have new hairstyles, additional head wears, face coverings and more ages have been covered. We have new facial and muscle structures to make memoji more expressive. With IOS 14 apple is making it easier to express yourself.


In conclusion, I feel Apple is trying to lure some android users as we have seen them starting to allow certain level of customizations like we have on android. As time goes, I know there will be more customizations that that will come on the IOS.

One last thing I appreciate apple for doing is the ability to give at least 4 years of software support on their devices. Incase we missed any of your favorite feature of the IOS 14 feel free to use the comments below and tell us.

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Oke Charles, is the CEO, a tech/gadget website in Nigeria 

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