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10 Hot technology consumer trends for 2030



Consumer trends
Body robots
Based on long-standing global trend research, the Ericsson ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2030 report represents the expectations and predictions of 50 million early technology adopters across 15 major cities.

1. Body bots:

Get a power-up – 76 percent of consumers predict there will be intelligent posture-supporting suits.

2. Guardian angels:

Three-quarters believe that privacy guardians will help fool surveillance cameras and block electronic snooping.

3. Community bots:

Seventy-eight percent believe electronic watchdog services will alert neighborhood allies to any trespassers.

4. Sustainability bots:

Future weather will be extreme – 82 percent believe devices will share data and warn about local rain torrents or heat blasts.

5. Home officers:

WFH uninterrupted – 79 percent say smart speakers will project noise-canceling walls around the home office space.

6. Explainers:

Over 8 in 10 predict automated financial management systems that explain how your investments are handled.

7. Connectivity gofers:

Smart signal locators will be able to guide you to optimal connectivity spots, say 83 percent of consumers.

8. Baddie bots:

A baddie bot that can be trained to carry out burglaries or attack other people is wanted by 37 percent of AR/VR users.

9. Media creators:

Machines will curate content. Sixty-two percent think game consoles will make original games based on their game play.

10. Bossy bots:

Around 7 in 10 believe that social network AIs will understand your personality and build up a circle of friends that is good for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Read the ConsumerLab Hot Consumer Trends 2030 report here.

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