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6 Best books on Computer Science and Programming

Compiled by Katherine Rundell



Computer Science

With countless books and resources professing the wonders of computer science and programming, many of them are used by universities and professional developers, in the hopes of sharing this knowledge and skills with future coders and developers.

In addition, many of them are used as a Bible for those that are already working in the computer and tech fields as refreshers.

But what happens if you can’t go to school right now to learn coding? What can you do? No problem!

With these 6 books on computer science and programming, you’ll not only learn how to code on your own, but you’ll also have fun doing so, especially at your own pace!

1. Structure And Interpretation Of Computer Science (Ed. Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie Sussman)

Written by the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at MIT, this computer science book is a sought-after resource for school teaching this in their curriculum. As you delve into the minds and insights of these prestigious academic experts, you’ll be immersed in the dense content that will need brainpower and analyzing.

“So, if you’re looking to get ahead in your Computer Science classes, and gaining deep and valuable knowledge of programming systems and procedures, then this book is for you,” explains Daniel Smith, a writer at State Of Writing and Paper Fellows.

2. Cracking The Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions And Solutions (Gayle Laakmann McDowell)

Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition teaches you what you need to know about coding, with its interview questions, answers to said questions, and the best advice from experts and software engineers.

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You’ll also get treated to a behind-the-scenes look at how Google and Facebook handle their hiring processes, and what they look for when hiring someone.

Just keep in mind that much of the provided advice is pulled from human experts, not from faceless textbooks and or sites.

3. Types And Programming Languages (Benjamin Pierce)

With programming language design (or coding) growing in popularity day by day, it’s important to explain how a parallel is drawn between the physical world and programming languages.

In coding – as this book will tell you – there involves numbers and special characters, especially math.

4. The Soul Of A New Machine (Tracy Kidder)

This one is a definite must-read, because it takes your through the world of Computer Science. Since its publication in 1981, Kidder’s classic is still a sought-after book for all Computer Science students’ shelves.

From recounting drama, to comedy, to excitement – Computer Science will continue to be sought-after, as long as this book is around.

5. The Chip: How Two Americans Invented The Microchip And Launched A Revolution (T.R. Reid)

The Chip explains how the spark of electronics was struck back in the day – it all started with the microchip, and how it could change the world as we knew it.

So, as many tech companies worldwide raced to create the first chip ever, Fairchild Semiconductor employee Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments took it upon themselves to individually create their own versions of the chip. However, this led to a long legal battle about which person had invented the microchip first.

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“Describing this epic story in fascinating detail, Reid explores both Noyce and Kilby, as their mission to setting the record straight on who came up with the chip had changed their lives forever, with Noyce going on to gain fame as the industry’s statesman, and Kilby later receiving the Nobel Prize for his contributions in Physics,” says Vernon Michelson, a tech blogger at Essayroo and Oxessays.

6. Programming Pearls (Jon Bentley)

Want to learn about algorithms and data structures with witty descriptions that are fun to read? Then look for Programming Pearls!

This book offers ideas for solving coding problems, including how you can choose the right algorithm, how to solve problems effectively, and how to think like a software engineer.

As long as you have the basics and advanced terminology nailed down prior to reading this, then this book is for you!


While there are other useful books besides these 6 top books that will help you learn coding, you’ll at least learn something from all of these books. Regardless if they’re mainstream, if they’ve stood the test of test, etc. it’s good to have a library of coding books, to either brush up on your skills or become better in your skillset.

And, although these books can vary dramatically, each book on this list is effective in having readers learn more about coding Computer Science. The important thing to do is to pick a coding language, stick with it, and learn as must as you can from it.

About the author:

Katherine Rundell is a writer and editor at UKWritings and Academic Writing Service. As a professional writer, she writes about Computer Science and technology. In her spare time, she likes to code and blog at Type My Essay service.

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