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Enextgen’s latest NIWBQR report shows quality of broadband, drop call rates in Ikeja

By Chisom ADA




Enextgen Wireless Limited has shared the latest report from its flagship service called National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR), for a selected route in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

There is a saying that you cannot improve that which you don’t measure. This is true for wireless mobile communications.

“The quality of wireless mobile broadband needs to be measured regularly and the results shared with the public”, said the President/CEO, Enex Wireless Inc., Engineer Remi Adeyeye.

Continuing, he said that celebrating the incredible rate of broadband penetration can be so all-consuming that no time is left for the authorities to measure the quality of that ‘broadband’.

“With the cooperation of a network operator with public service as core value, our National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) service makes available to the public the quality of LTE deployment in Nigeria”, he said in an email to

The public has access to NIWBQR reports at Enextgen’s Emetrics website.

“This website displays our characterization of the quality of the physical link of 4G LTE connections offered by the four major MNOs. The website also uses measurements from our mobile app (Enextlog) for quality visualization”.

The app is available for download from the Company’s website by interested customers of the major mobile network operators. It runs on android-based mobile handsets.

A customized version of the public Emetrics is also available at no cost to the four major mobile network operators, upon request.

The MNO version of Emetrics allows them to have a deeper view of the basis for our characterization of their networks.

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“It allows them to visualize readings from our RF measurements from which our characterization is derived.

“It enables interested MNOs to focus on salient Radio Frequency issues that might have negative effect on the services provided” to their customers. It encourages them to address the need of their customers for reliable internet access by addressing the issues identified.

Link to that version is available here:

“Access to this link is password-protected. It will be granted upon request from our webpage”, the company said.

“This platform is built to address the unique needs of the Nigerian market. It does not involve sourcing of US dollars.

“This might make it less appealing to MNOs. However, it is far more relevant to the Nigerian market than many of those requiring substantial foreign exchange. We hope that more of the major network operators will take advantage of this platform as a means of showing a genuine interest in providing worthwhile mobile broadband internet access to their customers without a government mandate”, Adeyeye added.

Ikeja report

In this Ikeja report, Enextgen benchmarked four measurements among the four national mobile broadband service providers (Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile): RRC Call Drop rate, RRC Connection Failure rate, Peak downlink throughput adjusted for maximum single carrier channel bandwidth, and the fraction of bins with downlink throughput less than 500 Kbps.

The NIWBQR report can be accessed from this webpage.

Available at HERE for Globacom, MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile

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