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Schoola showcases gamified learning app for K12 schools at GITEX 2020




Kaduna-based Schoola is a startup to watch in year 2021 in the education-technology (EdTech) ecosystem.

Schoola uses gamified Artificial Intelligent learning solution that is curriculum agnostic and powered by local content generated by the individual K12 schools.



Schoola was among the 10 Startups selected and fully sponsored by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to the recent Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) held in Dubai on December 06-10, 2020.

The global EdTech and smart classroom market size is expected to grow from USD 85.8billion in 2020 to USD 181.3billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.1% during the forecast period.

According to this report, the major factors driving the growth of the EdTech and smart classroom market include growing adoption of eLearning solutions, impact of COVID-19 pandemic and growing need for online teaching-learning models to continue the education system in lockdown.

So, Schoola as a startup seeks to leverage AI by first using machine learning to effectively help students, teachers, and schools get the best out of their solution.

In a brief chat with at GITEX, the Founder/CEO of Schoola, Nasiru Mustapha, said that Schoola allows students to engage in school quizzes in a fun way without exam anxiety, thereby, giving every child an opportunity to do better.

“At the same time, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to assist teachers quickly generate relevant contents for their students on-demand. Allowing teachers time for more research.

“This way, the teacher’s workload is less and the students engage in proper learning.

“We are targeting K12 students; that is those in Kindergarten class to Senior Secondary 3.

Meanwhile, the app is available on Google PlayStore.


Used cases

“We have used cases comprising more than 7,000 students in Nigeria who have signed up. So far 1 million+ question have been answered by various students on the Schoola platform.

“Over 70,000+ quizzes have also been generated by both teachers and students on the platform.


Schoola App

How to use platform

“To use the platform, all you need to do is sign up (as a school), register your teachers and students.

“The Augmented Analytics feature helps the school administrators to better understand the students interest.

COVID-19 experience

“The pandemic came and made everything interesting. Some schools could not assess their students, so they used the platform to do it. It was really an interesting period for us.


“We are in talk with a South African company. They are interested in what we have. Although, they have a similar product but not exactly like this.

“There is also an Indian company that has indicated interest in what we have.

“We are actually targeting raising $250,000 at 5-10% equity investment; and coming to GITEX we are getting closer to achieving that. The fund shall be deployed in our operations and will get us reach 1,000+ schools within the next 12 months”.

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