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WHO warns against making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory, gives reasons



COVID-19 vaccines

The World Health Organization (WHO) has disclosed that it does not foresee mandatory vaccinations being introduced around the world to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A report by Reuters claimed that the WHO explained that it would be the prerogative of individual countries as to how they want to conduct their vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus pandemic.

Kate O’Brien, the organisation’s director of immunization vaccines and biologicals, disclosed this during a news conference on Monday, December 7.

O’Brien added that the information campaigns and making vaccines available to priority groups such as hospital workers and the elderly would be more effective.

According to him, “I don’t think we envisage any countries creating a mandate for vaccinations.

“There may be some countries or some situations in countries where professional circumstances require it or highly recommend to be vaccinated.”

Kate O’Brien explained further that there may be certain professions in which vaccination is highly recommended or required, such as respiratory technicians and intensive care medics in hospitals for the safety of both the staff and the patients.

Also speaking at the press conference, the WHO’s top emergency expert, Mike Ryan, said:  “We are much better served to present people with the data, present people with the benefits and let people make up their own minds, within reason.”



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