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Email vs Messenger: Which communication software wins the battle?

Actually, there is no winning party as both email and messenger communication channels share different features and updates. Mostly, everything depends on the scope of use and also business specificity, writes Jamie Fry



Email vs Messenger

The debate between email and instant messaging is the one that asks more questions rather than gives more answers. However, today we are about to present an insightful overview of both completely different like apple and orange communication tools.

If you want to find out what does the future holds for digital communication and what do you better off from? Keep on reading!

Also, here are the guidelines of today’s article to help you navigate better and get your question answered faster:

  • What is the future prediction of Email and Messenger efficiency?
  • When should you use email?
  • When should you use a messenger?
  • What are the best email software providers?
  • What are the best messengers for business communication and task management?

What is the future prediction of Email and Messenger efficiency?

Actually, there is no winning party as both email and messenger communication channels share different features and updates. Mostly, everything depends on the scope of use and also business specificity. Let’s see why.

Email communication is super official and more knowledgeable, whereas instant messenger interaction is more personal and informal. All in all, you have to determine your focus of control yourself and then the question of choosing the tool will be solved.

Speaking about statistics, it is very likely that messengers are going to overrun email communication. Only Facebook’s apps gather nearly 2.5 billion active users every day and how huge is that. However, it is also known that email is still effective either. For instance, around 82% of employees check their email outside of the working hours. So, there is a definite chance email can one day become the only tool you will use for your business too.

So, for better clarification of your goals and expectations, as well as less doubts between multiple online applications, let’s find out what would you better give a preference to. Email vs messenger communication?

When should you use email?

  • Inextricable link between you and prosperous investors and customers

A well-designed email copy is not just good to have, it is a must have if your main interest is to create a space for long-term dialogue with clients, stakeholders, and team workers.

Many businesses are utilizing the advantages of communication by email at the same second, while you are reading this. It has become a professional marketing tool to maintain interactions over the years, so that we can no longer imagine any internal or external chat without it.

This formal communication platform is always associated with public and private partnership, instantly established after the first introducing statement, “Dear Sir or Madam”, which is then followed by some offer.

The right email can introduce your brand to a range of like-minded people, including prospective clients and potential partners.

Unlike Messenger, it makes a significant difference in understanding who you are and what you do. And, no matter how many doubts are there regarding email marketing efficiency, we want you to understand that it will make you appear more professional and valuable, as no other tool could possibly do.

  • Instant notification of an upcoming official event

Email has been around since the rise of digital services began to gain momentum. Undoubtedly, since then it became the worldwide notification distributor. So, it is even hard to estimate how many people globally are incorporating email marketing strategies and informing people about certain events.

Especially when it comes to those older generations who are more used to checking on their mailbox daily in anticipation of some sort of new adventure. But this doesn’t indicate that you should stop your email campaigns if your potential clients are out of the concrete age.


Due to the staggering number of sent emails between 2017 and 2023, there is no doubt how increasing the popularity of email messages is and what active users it involves. Various businessmen genuinely platform email to notify their audience about all up-to-date news.

  • Continuous stay-in-touch kind of relationship as a part of marketing strategy

One more good feature that will immediately encourage you to consider email alerts, is connection around the clock. As marketers usually do, they turn this general “our company was wondering if you…” into something more catchy such as “we have this amazing offer, so we thought (person’s name, company name) would be interested straight away.

The good thing is that you can reconnect like this anytime when you deem it to be appropriate. However, you should be very careful when picking the words to reach out to the target audience. Luckily, there are numerous custom writing reviews where you can pick the greatest writer to help you along the way. Best Writers Online is one of them.

Use email to aware people of the news from your industry, updates of your services, information about competitors or anything that would grab their attention and increase their potential to come back. Please, solely focus on the idea of building a long-lasting connection that will not get you puzzled then, when the question “How should I reunite or reconnect again?” comes in.

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Attention from prospective leads who has left their contact details

Apparently, all commercial alerts described earlier let people see your business still exists and showcase what you have to offer. But when it comes to the unhooked clients who have not established a strong bond with your brand, you can’t inform them about your deals/events/offers right off the bat.

At first, you need to contact those who once left their email addresses and set up triggers. The most obvious communication tool that comes to the mind is email, of course. There are hundreds of free templates which you can use for these welcoming messages or simple virtual discussions, for example, Getmailbird or Yesware.

Email significantly assists you with heading your customers directly to the brand website and raising awareness of your product and services.

Moreover, you can monitor your email campaign progress via analytical data of, let’s say, how many read/opened/followed/ignored/spammed/marked your mail message. It gives you a lot of insight on the current strategy’s efficiency and its suggested advancements later on.

When should you use a messenger?

  • Quick communication on ongoing issues between your employees

Truth be told, Messenger is always better for short interactions, quick requests and instant notifications not only with your clients but also employees. Unlike email, this tool is way more functional and convenient for a daily use among colleagues for asking questions and finding solutions.

We bet, many users like you could notice how email notifications are often delayed. This happens due to the sluggish software system there that oftentimes doesn’t deliver it to the inbox at all. No wonder it gets on nerves of so many, when you urgently need to send files, notes and it is not rapid as we want it to.

In comparison, Messenger app directly connected to the real king of social media (Facebook, for instance) allows your messages to appear on the screens of people’s devices. How awesome is that, huh? Your team members will be able to get a hold of each other and you within a span of seconds. Messenger makes it really fast to keep in touch and operate to the projects together with the whole staff.

  • Software combining the functionality of messenger and task management

This excellent workplace messenger tool is not only about chats but rather task management too. The common features available there provide businesses with a broad range of options, including starting up a campaign/project/discussion in one place, accessing co-shared tools for projects, keeping track of employees’ performance and much more.

If you want to run tasks successfully and cohesively, hands down, this is when you should give a preference to a messenger. You can literally perform any work with a double efficiency from now on. In fact, more of them already have storage, anonymous access, agile reporting enlisted as the best functions.


We can name dozens of pros, but it is already obvious that arranging and performing tasks without a need to follow-up with the help of messengers is a solution for you. Assign anything, set the deadline and mark it “complete”.

  • Powerful tool for holding a live call or maintaining a video conference

World leading messengers also provide you with professional-oriented communication as email does. However, here it involves the live chat and call. The era of long newsletters seems to be less and less trendy nowadays.

Undoubtedly, a friendly website is the one that streams events and launches live broadcasts. It is the one that fight tooth and nail to keep the audience engaged.

Even though not all messengers can supply you with the great analytics tool or metrics dashboard, it is still a good opportunity for you to expand your reach on both fronts of a call or online conference. It should become a vital part of your marketing strategy to use a messenger if you genuinely aim to build the strongest virtual connection with people.

Doesn’t it sound cool enough? You are about to invite people to interactive webinars, host chat sessions, maintain live Q&As, while simultaneously checking on your event’s attendees.

  • Space for collaborations and offers for the voluntarily-interested customers

Sending messages via communication tools like Trello, Slack, Flock, Trooptrack, Messenger, etc is undoubtedly a non-intrusive way to report or inform your target audience about new things you have developed. You can share links, updates, even make calls to engage with prospective clients as much as possible.

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Any messenger is a place for an ongoing two-way communication that expects feedback from each side. It provides you with a chance to make multiple hits to reach out to an individual, and the good news, it does not oblige you to create long-form content. Instead, you can separate your special offers into a few and prolong the response flow. It will ensure you connect with the customers more frequently and get them attached more effectively.

Moreover, by using a messenger your buyers will never face impersonalizing issues anymore. Rather the opposite thing. The users accessing and checking messengers voluntarily will always be more likely to continue the chat.

This communication weapon really helps you sustain a more personalized experience for everybody. And you will appreciate how people like it.

In addition, with a bundle of messenger chatbots presented by many channels, you can automate your conversation with the customers at nominal cost. However, the effectiveness of interaction will not be lost. With writing services review you could design the text messages in a bot. For instance, by using Online Writers Rating and picking a content creator specialist there.

Best email software providers



Gmail logo

Main features

This software is undeniably one of the world’s biggest inventions if we talk about the digital industry. In fact, it is hard to find a person in contemporary times, who doesn’t use this platform.

It is like a must in all aspects of life: for life, work, travel, study and so on. What are these features that make the masses open their mailboxes every day?


The most pleasant things of all are options to mute, find, delete, spam, snooze messages with just a right-click on your keyboard. Similarly, you can categorize your emails depending on their overall importance and frequency of usage for you. Gmail tracks your actions and next time you don’t have to do the same thing manually. The software will put the same sender in order as you desire it to.

On top of that, you can even request the money payment within Gmail or send the one yourself. Since this software is primarily connected to Google and Google Par, in particular, you can automatically proceed the payments there.

Not the last feature though but if we continue the list of all, it will take a minute. So, you can choose the option to avoid being overwhelmed with unnecessary notifications. Gmail settings allow you to pick the notifications of the highest priority and get the most important alerts you need. Isn’t it cool, huh?


  • Finding mails by date, sender’s name,
  • Getting your mails translated
  • Bookmarking the most useful alerts
  • Thorough malware and effective virus protection


  • Narrow space for the reply window
  • Simple and not very appealing interface


Microsoft Outlook logo

Microsoft Outlook logo

Main features

A plenty of users also give the preference to Outlook replacing Gmail. The reason behind this lies in numerous characteristics and buttons that potentially change people’s experience with mails. Let’s take a look which ones exactly:

Outlook is useful when you want to schedule your mails in accordance with your timetable. It allows you to quickly automate your distribution strategy by sending notifications at a chosen period.

Moreover, thanks to Quick Parts you can save and resend the same emails to your clients. There is no need in typing the same body of the text, let’s say. You can write content, highlight what you would like to be saved and have this piece of text suggested in your next messages.

Sometimes clicking and finding the right button might be a time-consuming task, however, you want to fully save it up, right? Outlook has different keyboard shortcuts to speed your work up. You can find all of them here.


  • Highlighting your emails to make it easier to spot
  • Available access to a calendar within a team
  • Much storage for large sized emails
  • Separating folder and managing tasks
  • Effective junk mail and phishing filters


  • Not very versatile mail templates
  • Not available with poor connectivity
  • Redundant collaboration tools mixed with business ones

iCloud Mail:

icloud logo

icloud logo

Main features

iCloud is the best email for sending messages from any shared mobile device. For example, this is a really useful way to work outside of the office or when you are on the road. You just open the software, sync your mail ensuring you are safely connected and deliver a message.

Additionally, iCloud users are given the opportunity to request a 2-step verification for their own security. Your Apple account will access your iCloud only after the logging in was verified 2 times.

The password should be entered, obviously. Then, the code sent to your mobile device is used to confirm your attempt to use the account, and voila.


Also, unlike other email providers, iCloud Mail does not distribute your private info to other parties. It is an actual sin of different email communication tools that might send your messages to the competitive sites. Here, the confidentiality matter is worth you trying out this software.

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  • No need to synchronize other Apple gadget
  • High level of security and safe shareability
  • Competitively low priced


  • Storage leaves something to be desired
  • Chance of missing a notification because of full storage or delayed back-up
  • Deciding which mail provider is the best, that’s your choice. Just compare what appeals to you most weighing all pros and cons. We are sure you will find the one for your business.
  • Best messengers for business communication and task management


Trello logo

Trello logo

Main features

The greatest thing about Trello is how the dashboard and notecards are designed. It is such a good daily planner that everyone falls in love with it from the very first sight. Trello provides you with its cards, lists and board for various projects to help you better organize yourself.

Frankly, it is a real discovery for the task management lovers. No matter how huge a workflow is, you will never feel lost and, moreover, will never forget about finishing your plans before the set deadline, because the notification will always pop up.

Along with that, you can always check your due dates, send attachments including documents, multimedia files, make comments, assign tasks, monitor checklists and so on and so forth. Tracking progress is also very efficient to check by sending tasks from the “to-do” box to the “doing”, and then the “done” one.


  • Consistent task management
  • Many supported languages
  • Customizable and reliable service


  • Keyboard shortcuts are limited
  • Complicated when handling big projects


Slack logo

Slack logo

Main features

Slack is a collaboration platform connecting team workers across the globe. The first distinguishingly wonderful feature is the ability to pin a message to the channel’s purpose. This helps everyone who has joint access view the top priority alert or need-to-read item.

Another useful thing is connection to multiple workspaces within this communication tool. If you are a large corporation that needs a virtual space for working internally or externally, you would definitely like to use this platform. Bringing all the freelancers, project executors, managers in one place hasn’t ever been such a cinch.

Moreover, if you want to blacklist any of the channels and conversations incorporated for your project management and never ever see them again, you can always do this with just a click. All you do is just go to the “Settings” section and match all the advanced options with respect to your needs.


  • Flexible conversation structure
  • Multiple connecting to other systems
  • Bookmarking direct message chats is possible


  • No filtering of incoming notifications
  • Non-advanced internal searching mechanism

Troop Messenger:

Troop messenger

Main features

Troop messenger provides you with an amazing chance to send voice recordings or have a face chat. Both kinds of interactions are very in-demand of global corporations that have the need to communicate all projects, presentations, deadlines online. It encourages the discussion without a long chat history but rather facetime alternatives.

In addition, one of the Troop’s tools allows you to send your text messages to multiple groups and members at a single point of time. Besides, there are so many emoji available on the platform, which makes it funnier for everyone to conduct conversations.


Lastly, this communication tool has the tag “Respond later” letting you keep unreplied messages on hold more politely. Sometimes, we are swamped with the tasks and chats to respond back. For this reason, Troop has developed an exciting feature to filter the messages depending on their priority and share feedback whenever possible.


  • Flagging the most important chats
  • Advanced search features by media, documents, dates
  • Data record available at the flick of a finger


  • Lack of third party integrations
  • Not many supported languages


We all want to stay in touch with our friends, carry out freelance projects, maintain workshops online, or anything else. And, obviously, determining which software is better, more secure and cost-effective can take some time. However, this article should have helped you set up your mind and choose the greatest communication weapon. The difference between them does not really matter at first sight. However, when you dig deeper, you understand all the important features to consider and take the advantage of which.

About the author:

Jamie Fry – Purposeful and promising author. Confidently goes to his goal. He has a talent for writing original content. The main conviction in his life: «To be the best in the field in which you are developing». Always in search of fresh ideas.


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