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I worked from home: My top 7 tech tools for 2021

Article Written by Justice Okamgba



tech tools
tech tools

The year 2020 took everybody by storm when the world began to experience something strange. But those who are have mastery in the usage of tech tools stayed unmoved while trying to deliver on their projects,

Covid-19 is still reshaping how things are being done. Many events and occasions were held online last year.

There was no room for social gathe​​rings due to how contagious Covid-19 is. 

2021 may not be different either as we are yet to completely get rid of the virus. The world continues to do things virtually. Many people will continue working remotely until it becomes safe for everybody to go back to their normal ways. 

It is interesting to note that there are certain technology tools or applications people are leveraging to work from the comfort of their homes. What is basic is the Internet. You are good to go once you are connected to the Internet. I have outlined some of the tools that I used in 2020.

These Apps were crucial for me to carry out my daily task as a writer working from home without necessarily exposing myself to the virus. Other people also used some of these tools. 

1. Zoom:

One of the tools that come first is Zoom. Most of the events and conferences I participated in were via this App.

It provides video-telephony and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform and is used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations. 

2. Slack: 

This tool is essential to employers or bosses who delegate tasks. Slack allows you to communicate with the team.

You can delegate or assign tasks and track if the tasks have been done or not. At some point, I used Slack when a client wanted a simple WordPress website. It was a tool for me to communicate with a colleague. 


3. Todoist:

I later switched from using Slack to this App. It is also a cloud-based service, and that makes it interesting.

You could do whatever you want to do offline and it’s gets synchronized when you are connected to the internet. It is a bit similar to Slack or Asana.

I use this App for projects. I could set a task, assign responsibilities, and track them. 

4. Google Docs:

This is a popular tool with many functionalities. And probably one of the tools that have not been fully exploited by users.

It is a word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.

The service also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google KeepWriting Documents & Proposals. 

5. Canva:

This is one of those design tools that has disrupted the graphic design market. If you understand how to use this App, you could create stunning graphic designs.

The tool is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. There are different templates for designs to select from. 

6. Evernote:

All the articles I wrote in 2020 were first written on Evernote before publication. It is a tool that I use to note all my ideas, memos, to-dos, files, screen captures, and voice notes in a single notes app for Android.

It is also a cloud-based app that can use when offline. All your notes get synched when you are connected to the Internet. 


7. Photo Editor:

This tool was also instrumental to my work. I downloaded this App from the Apple Store, it is also available on Google Play Store. You can use this tool to edit images. 

There are other tools could be of value to you depending on your daily tasks. Check out the aforementioned tools and start taking advantage of them. They are all free.

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