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11 Greek inventions that changed the world for good

There is evidence that shows that the ancient Greeks were behind the invention of the shower we use every day, the central heating system, the computer, automatic doors, and the list goes on and on, writes Arslan Hassan



11 Greek Inventions
Greek Philosophers and Scientists (Source: Shutterstock)

Greece has been home to hundreds of inventions that not only sparked innovation but were extremely useful. Some of the most famous inventions during that era are even used today. Our article sheds light on 11 of the Greek inventions that have changed the world today for good.

1. The Olympics

Did you the globally played Olympics originate in Greece? The first-ever recorded game of the Olympics took place in 776 B.C. It is unclear how long before that the games were played, but it is evident that they were held annually, and they were part of the religious festivals held by the people at that time in honor of the Greek God Zeus.

Modern-day Olympics began in 1896 and were inspired by the Olympics that were once played by the Greeks. They consisted of 43 events and a total of 280 participants from 13 different nations.

2. Theatre

Most of us love going to watch the movies and get super excited, overseeing our favorite actors on the big screen. But did you know that concept of a “movie theatre” was picked from the theatres in Greece back in the 6th century B.C?

The theatre might have been further developed by the Indians, but it was the Greek version that was carried forward in the west.

The dramatists at that time are known to create plays on various genres such as comedy, romance, tragedy, and not so surprisingly, a lot of the scriptures created back then are still alive in the modern world.

3. Astrolabe

The astrolabe is a significant contributor to the research of celestial bodies. The instrument was invented by a famous Greek astronomer, Claudius Ptolemy. His invention was used as a calculator to measure various problems in astronomy.

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The astrolabe was then used by Muslims in Mecca to find the direction for their daily prayers and conduct navigational activities.

4. Greek fire

The Greek fire, which was developed in the 7th century, is a weapon that uses incendiary substances to create flaming arrows and other fire-based weapons. These weapons were later given the name of the “Greek fire” or the “wildfire.”

The Greek fire included petroleum elements made into a mixture. This substance would then be discharged towards the enemy during combat.

5. Alarm clock

Many of us wake up to the sound of an alarm in the morning. The concept of the alarm clock is picked from the Greek water clock, which was invented by Ctesibus, who belongs to Egypt.

The water clock was used to measure time by measuring the flow of a certain amount of water from the vessel. The device was mostly used during trials so that the authorities could measure the period the lawyers and witnesses were allowed to speak.

6. The lever

The lever installed in hundreds of devices today dates back to the Greek era. The earliest writings regarding the lever are recorded by Archimedes.

The same Archimedes who is known for his commendable contributions in the field of mathematics and physics.

7. Watermill

The Greek contribution to modern-day equipment does not end here. They were also responsible for designing and creating the two major components of the watermill.

These include the toothed gearing along with the water wheel. According to findings, the Greek engineer Philo was behind the design of the famous watermill. This device is not used to generate power used to grind wheat, which is a popular staple food in many parts of the world today.

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8. Archimedes screw

When we say that Archimedes was one of the greatest contributors to math and physics, we mean it. His name is mentioned countless times as he was behind several Greek inventions that are used today.

The concept behind the Archimedes screw or the water screw is that it draws water from areas with a low water table and provides it to barren land for irrigation.

The concept behind this invention and the mathematical principles leading to this were derived by Archimedes hence the name Archimedes screw.

9. Crane

The good old crane used extensively in the construction industry is also a Greek invention. They are not just used while constructing buildings, but cranes are widely used for the transportation of heavy objects from one place to another.

Surprisingly enough, this wonderful invention came into being in the late 6th century, and they are still extensively used even today.

10. Catapult

The catapult is known to have been invented in several places at the same time, but it is mainly China and Greek where they were first noted to have.

In China, they were used during the 4th century, whereas, in Greece, the use is seen in 399BC by the Greek army. The catapult was introduced in Greece by Dionysius. Along with the catapult, the Greeks were also responsible for inventing the crossbow known as a Gastraphate, which is an older version of the catapult.

11. Cheesecake

The best invention by the Greeks is by no doubt the delicious, scrumptious cheesecake! Yes, you heard that right; the cheesecake that we all love to eat is an ancient Greek invention. The Greeks ate the cheesecake back in the 5th century and were known to provide athletes with an instant boost of energy when they were playing the Olympics. A Greek physician even wrote a book on the art of making a cheesecake. How cool is that!

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Ending note

That’s not just it; there are tons of ancient Greek inventions that we use in our daily lives without even realizing where they first originated.

There is evidence that shows that the ancient Greeks were behind the invention of the shower we use every day, the central heating system, the computer, automatic doors, and the list goes on and on.

The ancient Greeks have played a massive role in shaping western civilization today. Their performance and interest in various fields like philosophy, arts, mathematics, literature, physics, etc., have provided the world today with gifts that have made everyday chores like carpet cleaning and even waking up in the morning easier and simpler.

Source of Featured Image: Shutterstock.

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