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5 Things to look at when Hiring Node

The work of the Node.js developer is to fulfil the user requirements along with establishing the connection between client and server, writes Sunny Chawla



Hiring Node

Nowadays, JavaScript is the language of choice for many huge and small companies. Even Airbnb, Netflix, Linked In, NASA are using Node.js and people want to follow that path too. But first, let us understand what Node.js is?

Node.js is a runtime environment application that allows one to write server-side applications in JavaScript. In the market, Node.js enables developers to build real-time applications with higher throughput and increased scalability. Its ability to use JavaScript on both front end and back end sides along with a unique UI model makes it more efficient and lightweight.

Facing challenges while deciding the best option for the particular project is the common issue every CEO and CTO faces. But after understanding the benefits of Node.js and finalizing it as the work platform for your project, the next step is to hire Node.js developer to implement your visualization into reality.

The work of the Node.js developer is to fulfil the user requirements along with establishing the connection between client and server.

The developer needs to put efforts into logic functionalities of the application and the high-quality processing tasks, these skills can be put to test by considering the following five tips in mind before hiring a Node.js Developer:

1. Requirements

The dream that you have seen has to be a clear and specific vision. To note down the needs in building the application is the first step that must be taken.

To hire someone to complete the task, the candidate has to have thorough expertise in the particular task. And this step will slender the search for an adequate developer. To help you with listing some basic skills requirements for a Node JS developer can be given as:

  • “Experience is the key”- candidates need to have interest in your niche and must have worked before for the products your company provides. The team is personally interested adds up to better understanding and is eventually beneficial to the company.
  • Understanding latest front-end technologies
  • Have a proper knowledge working environment of Git and GitHub
  • Coherence in test writing skills as well as coding
  • Cognizance over the software developments such as Agile and Scrum
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These are just the general points and criteria whereas depending upon the basis of what your company needs for the project, the specifics may fluctuate and thus the list grows or shrinks.

2. Alternatives

After successfully evaluating the needs and budget for your project. The next move will be to choose the right candidate from the different choices available. Generally, there can be one of three options along with possible pros and cons listed below:

  • In-house

Having an in-house developer team sounds fantastic because when things go wrong or discussing new ideas as soon as they strike, someone will almost always be in the workplace, which is an improvement over the other two alternatives.

However, this option also means more expenses. Furthermore, much of the process of screening and recruiting is very time-intensive. So, if the pace is your number one priority, then it may not be the best decision for you to recruit in-house developers.

· Freelancer

If the company and project need a cost-effective alternative developer to work with then hiring a freelancer is the correct choice. Nevertheless, if the project work needs more than one freelancer with contrast skills then handling the recruited remote developers would turn into a very hard job

.Web development company

Initially, a development consulting firm can be more costly, but you get an assured in exchange that they can create you a high-quality framework that will work as it should.

They would even be entirely capable of retaining it, making any appropriate improvements would be easier. Furthermore, they have a team of specialists who are specialized in different fields. Thus, this leads to saving time both in recruiting and interviewing for others to implement them.

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3. Check the Portfolio

Either it is a freelancer or company recruited developer, checking out the previous work and work experience in the market, is a must. Looking at the portfolio gives you a clear view and understanding of the knowledge and expertise of the candidate. This is essential to be noticed to reach the goal of the project.

4. Interview

When you have a shortlisted candidate list in your hand, an in-person interview by a technical expert will clear the confusion.

Knowledge about technical and latest additions as well as communication skills are put into test at this stage of the process.

5. Practical Test

The final step is always a practical implemented test by the developer. Never hire a Node.js developer without checking their skills in the actual technological world.

This assessment can be by assigning a mini-projector by involving a developer in an on-going Node JS project into a complex task under observation and deadlines.

To conclude, one thing that has to be noted duly is that this given process can be understood easily but implementation is crucial. The entire process integrates the project requirements. Therefore, ask yourself a question: why do you need to hire a Node.js developer?

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs best nodejs developers.

@TechEconomyNG connects past-present-emerging technological impacts on Businesses, People and Cities. All Correspondence to: [email protected]

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