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African policymakers, tech leaders parley Spacecom on communication solutions for off-grid communities

CommuNicATION Africa 2021 was a one-time high-level event that connected Africa’s most influential ministers and government policymakers with global technology leaders.



AMOS-17 Satellite for Off-grid areas
AMOS-17 Satellite in display

Spacecom, an Israeli satellite service provider and the owner and operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, together with IMPROVATE, that connects Israeli technology companies with governments, held Communication Africa 2021 conference.

The Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tony Blair; senior government officials, investors and regulators from African countries took part in the event.

The conference became a platform for a dialogue between African officials and solution providers such as Spacecom, Ignite, Novelsat.

Within the event, Spacecom presented advanced communications solutions for Nationwide connectivity and off-grid communities throughout the African continent, the Digital Community Platform or “DCP”.

Raised during the conference, one of the main challenges African states are facing is the inability to provide sufficient digital services in remote or off-grid areas (mostly in rural areas), mainly due to lack of sufficient infrastructure and its associated costs.

The new services presented by Spacecom, enabled by the most advanced, powerful and flexible AMOS-17 satellite located over Africa (like in off-grid areas), meet the needs raised by the participants and provide sub-Saharan African countries with internet and communications coverage, accelerate state development and enable services to citizens in vital fields of life such as Health, Education, Homeland Security, Agriculture, Employment and more.

Spacecom CEO Mr. Dan Zajicek unveiled at the conference two new advanced country-level services, the NationSat and the DCP (Digital Community Platform), which are both based on the exclusive capabilities of the High Throughput AMOS-17 satellite (HTS) and provide African countries with 100% nationwide connectivity, irrespective of location.

In addition, Spacecom proposes attractive financing models that enable the immediate and long-term provision of services.

“NationSat is much more than a satellite capacity; it’s a dedicated national communication infrastructure exclusive to your country with full national coverage and services. Spacecom also enables African countries to benefit from its new Digital Community Platform (“DCP”), which enables government and other services such as  health, education, commerce, agriculture and home entertainment, via efficient connectivity and ICT infrastructure” said Mr. Zajicek. “It’s inspiring to see how Africa has evolved in recent years, and now is the right time for Africa to take the next step into digital transformation. Through satellite, it is possible to tackle many connectivity challenges with a fast and cost-effective deployment and enable real impact and growth.”

Keynote speaker, Tony Blair, said: “Properly deployed satellite communication can be absolutely transformative for Africa and it can allow it to leapfrog a whole generation of old technology and get to new technology. So this is incredibly exciting, and I think that there will be enormous interest in Africa in how this satellite technology can help with connectivity and communication.” Mr. Blair added: “Satellite technology is one of the most exciting areas and one of the areas where if there is the right interaction between satellite companies and African countries and their governments this can really advance things”.


Participating in the conference were ministers, deputy ministers, directors-general of government ministries, regulators, senior executives from the African space industry, ambassadors and investors from many African countries, including Mali, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and South Sudan.

On the Israeli side, the conference was attended by the senior management of Spacecom, Mr. Dan Zajicek CEO, Mr. Oren Tepper SVP Global Sales and Ofer Asif SVP Business Development and Marketing, as well as the former minister of communications, MK Yoaz Hendel; former minister of science, Yizhar Shai, and business partners of Spacecom headed by Mr. Yariv Cohen, CEO of Ignite Power and Mr Aviv Ronai, VP Marketing & Product at NovelSat; alongside representatives of Bank Leumi, which finances and accompanies communications projects in Africa.

Follow the link to watch the CommuNicATION Africa 2021:

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