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How someone can read your Text Messages online for free

Whether you want to see someone’s text messages or view their calls, Minspy works for all needs. It is the most suited application that allows users to enjoy remote access. The absolute secrecy and integrity of conduct make the app stand out. 



text messages via Minspy
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Do you see your loved ones texting on phone 24*7? Does it bother you what they are up to? Texting is becoming increasingly popular with the Gen Next. They prefer to text more than calling.

Modern texting apps are also becoming riskier as a lot of youth are misguided through messaging groups.

If you are wondering if it is possible to spy on text messages online, it indeed can be done. There has been a plethora of competition in the field of spy apps for messaging. While some apps necessitate jailbreaking or rooting through a target phone, there are some perfect applications.

Minspy- The Super Spy App

Minspy is a web-based application that offers spy services. There are spy applications that can offer complete remote access.  You can search on the internet for the perfect spy application that can allow you to see texts online. You will see many options that will be bewildering.

The other spy applications have a lot of risks associated. They can risk detection. They also have spam messages, malware and phishing tools. The applications can rip you off your time, patience and bandwidth.

Minspy is an extremely genuine application. When it comes to unhindered spy services. Minspy is best at providing the same. Minspy works with a flair of effortlessness. It can be used to see someone’s texts on both Stock Android and iOS phones.

Every feature, specialty and function of Minspy stands out. It doesn’t mess with the integrity of your system, which is a major concern with most spy applications. Regardless, below are some superb features of Minspy:

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Perfect User-Interface

Having a friendly user interface is an essential component for any spy apps. Unfortunately, most spy apps have extremely confusing structures in the wake to be too modern. Minspy has an extremely neat user interface.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or basic at technology, you will be able to work on Minspy. The functions are placed in convenient tabs and you would know where to click to seek the desired information.

Stealth App

There are bespoke stealth features that are incorporated into Minspy’s very structure. These features make sure to protect the anonymity of the user. No one has ever been caught in the process of using Minspy to spy on someone’s text messages for free.

No Jailbreak/ No Rooting

Minspy keeps it simple. As a user of this application, you wouldn’t need the target phone as a part of your process. The application ensures remote linkage to the target Android or iPhone.  You do not have to follow any unnecessary rooting or jailbreaking requirements to work on the application.


When spying on someone’s texts, privacy and protection of user data are primary user concerns. One can be relieved of these concerns when using Minspy. The web-based application does not store or seek the personal data of the user.  Thus, there is absolute anonymity and integrity in the conduct.

Perfect Spying Solution

Minspy is an extensive spying application.  You can remotely monitor a target device. In addition to reading text messages remotely, it offers other reliable solutions. You can see someone’s GPS location, see emails, notes, social media and everything happening on the phone.

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How to Read Someone’s Text Messages  

If you ask someone to show you their text messages, will they show you? No. You can spy on someone’s text messages without worrying about anything. In a totally remote and discreet manner, you can see someone’s texts.  The set of procedures can be stated in the below-mentioned steps:


As the first and foremost step, you would need to register on Minspy’s web-based app. You can register with your email ID. This email ID would be vital for further setup. This is the only information that you need to provide for signing up.


After the sign up is completed, you would then need to choose the plan of your choice. Minspy offers many plans that have different features and highlights. You need to assess your requirements and choose in accordance.

You can assess your requirements and choose in accordance. The application offers various packages ranging from basic to premium. You can make the purchase in accordance.


The moment you purchase the plan, you would receive a setup link on your email. The setup procedure is simple and can be catered to within a few moments only. The installation is instant and hassle-free. All you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions.


After the set up is so completed, Minspy would then seek the target platform. Now, if you need to see the messages of an Android, you select ‘Android’ as the target platform. If you need to see the messages of an iPhone, you select ‘iOS’ as the target platform.

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When you select the iPhone as the target platform, all you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone user. You will attain immediate linkage to the iPhone when you enter the iCloud credentials.

Stock Android

When you select Android as the target platform, you need to download the Minspy app on the target Android phone. This is a non-negotiable requirement with Android phones because of Android’s own procedures.

Every spy app needs to be routed through the phone for remote access. Minspy is no exception to the fact but it offers a solution. The app weighs only 2 MB and you can immediately hide the app after download.

As and when the app is hidden, all proofs of the existence of the app on the phone will vanish. The app will not be visible or detectable. There will be no hint of the existence of any spy app on the phone whatsoever.


Whether you want to see someone’s text messages or view their calls, Minspy works for all needs. It is the most suited application that allows users to enjoy remote access. The absolute secrecy and integrity of conduct make the app stand out.

It is surprising how easily Minspy makes it possible to spy on text messages online. Spying on Minspy is somehow even easier than actually seeing someone’s texts. You have to try it to believe it.

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