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How to Fax from a computer without a Phone Line or Fax Machine

You may have been wondering how you would easily share documents with fax-loving organizations if you are among companies operating without a phone line. Internet fax companies like CocoFax offer simple ways of doing just that.



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Almost all organizations used to rely on faxing as a primary way to submit documents to retailers, clients, and associates. Most of the contacts have now moved to email, messages, and file sharing. Some agencies are still dependent on faxing as an essential means of communication when it comes to signatures.

You may have been wondering how you would easily share documents with fax-loving organizations if you are among companies operating without a phone line. Internet fax companies like CocoFax offer simple ways of doing just that.

How does faxing online work?

A lot of versatility and freedom are offered when it comes to online faxing. Once you have an account on CocoFax, access to the internet is all you really need.  you can send your faxes without the risk of a busy line each time.

Also, there is no need for printing faxes you send and receive. Users do not require costly hardware, upkeep, or the difficult installation of a well.

How to submit Fax without a fax machine?

Sending a fax from the computer

To send a fax from the computer without a phone line, Visit the official website of CocoFax and sign up for an account. As soon as you sign up, you need to choose a fax number. Later on, choose a suitable subscription plan based on your needs.

Enter the fax number of the receiver in the “TO” section.

Now add the files you want to send. These can be in any format, Docs, Pdf, Ms word, PNG, or JPG.

Hit the “Send” button to send the fax immediately.

Sending a fax from Gmail

Faxing by email is one of the simplest and quickest ways to send faxes online. If you want to submit a fax from Gmail, follow the steps given:

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  1. First of all, go to the official site of CocoFax and sign up for an account. Go to your Gmail account and launch a new email by clicking the “Compose” button. 
  2. Enter the fax number of the receiver followed by in the “To” section. 
  3. Append a document from Gmail that you want to fax to.  
  4. Click on the ‘Send” button to send your fax immediately.  
  5. You can also compose an additional cover sheet using the body of your email or leave the space empty if you do not have anything important to write there. 

Comparison of Online & Conventional Faxing

Online and conventional faxing varies greatly. Here is what makes them different from each other.

Flexibility and mobility

The lack of versatility of the fax machine is a major drawback compared to online faxing. you can send and receive files simply through a device that is connected to the internet.

Also, online faxing doesn’t have any limits. Users can send fax anytime anywhere using their devices and active internet.

Another excellent feature of online fax is that it enables users to schedule fax in advance. Go to your account and follow the same steps described above, except the last one, if you have to submit a fax at a particular date and time. You may activate the ‘Schedule’ feature rather than sending the fax immediately.

Protection and Security

Protection is a perceived benefit of fax machines over online faxes. Phone networks have long been subject to tapping. And by using conventional phone lines, phone conversations and faxes are also at risk of being monitored.

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Another security problem with fax machines that you come across is not normally linked to transmissions. The actual photocopy of faxes has something to do with it. Typically, these printed faxes remain for some time in fax trays & used by everyone who has access to the fax machine.

This can be manipulated or at worse expose information to the peering eyes of people who really are inclined to pick up the fax and interpret it themselves before transferring it to the tray.

There are no problems with online fax apps anymore. To avoid interception and infringement, all fax communications are strongly encrypted from end to end. Both faxes are often stored in password-protected accounts that limit exposure to the faxes obtained by the recipient.


For companies, a top-of-the-line fax machine may charge a lot overall. For transmission, you will need a separate phone line.

Imagine for a moment about all this. You have never used a fax machine either and you may be in the red already. The cost of faxing also comes then. Conventional faxing has an average cost of about 10 cents per page.

Not to say that your fax machine will gradually lose value after a few months and the efficiency of its production will worsen over time. In other terms, at some point, you will eventually have to replace it. It just doesn’t seem like a good deal for something that really does one thing.

When we look at the expense of fax services like CocoFax, they are much more affordable. First of all, there is no extra hardware required. All you need is your computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet. These are devices that you’ll have already and will be used for various operations as well.

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Secondly, there’s no need for you to get a separate line devoted to faxing. Finally, the total cost of sending faxes over the internet is around half cost of sending them over standard telephone lines.

Wrapping Up

Now that you understand how does online faxing works, here are some features that you must bear in mind when selecting the best service for you as we are wrapping up our discussion.

Your life is meant to be simpler, not more difficult. Ensure that your service lets you handle all your faxes from one location and keep up with them.

You shouldn’t have to purchase more electronics just to make things right for you, whether you’re on your current PC, cell phone, or tablet.

You must never be at risk with your personal details. With digital faxing, it can be much more reliable than with regular email or file sharing.

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