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The best apps to teach students coding

The apps from our list will help you get started. They will help you approach technology in a new way, not as a consumer but as a creator who understands the underlying principles different types of software are based on.



best coding apps for students, beginners
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As technology evolves, it changes the job market. New opportunities and careers appear all the time, and students who are planning their future lives often realize that they need coding skills to succeed.

Learning to code, however, can be a very time-consuming task so it’s important for beginners to know where to start and to be able to choose the best tools that will help them learn faster. Fortunately, there are many coding apps that enable you to learn to code from your smartphone.

The apps from our list will help you get started. They will help you approach technology in a new way, not as a consumer but as a creator who understands the underlying principles different types of software are based on.

If you’re a complete newbie, you can find apps for beginners that will teach you the basic principles of programming. If you already have some understanding of the basic principles, you can find apps that will help you learn to work on problem-solving tasks.

There is another important aspect of programming that is less obvious. If you’re going to code, you should type fast because typing code is a lot of work.

This aspect of coding can be especially challenging if you’re a student who doesn’t like to write their academic assignments.

When you need an essay or research paper, you can use various top paper writing services. You can check the reviews page and choose a service with experienced writers who will help you.

When coding, editors will help you with the syntax but you will need to write a lot so you should improve your typing speed. Fortunately, some coding apps can also help you with it.

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Here’s a list of the best coding apps that will be appreciated by students and beginners.

1. Udacity

This is a great app that can help you learn different programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. In this app, you will find courses from well-known leaders of the industry, including Facebook and Google.

Many courses are completely free, but you can also purchase the premium plan to connect with other people who learn to code and experts. Perhaps, the best thing about Udacity is that this platform can help you build connections and learn from people who know a lot about their industry.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is also a great choice if you want to learn a lot about various subjects with your smartphone or tablet.

Here you can learn not only programming but also many other things, and most courses are free.

Khan Academy’s library features over 6,000 videos on computer science, as well as many tutorials and exercises dedicated to different programming languages and related disciplines.

3. Encode

This is an amazing app that will be especially appreciated by beginners. It features an interactive code editor and the lessons are short so you’ll be able to allocate some time for studying even when you’re busy.

Although this app is simple and easy to use, it will help you get many in-depth insights into programming.

Another great thing about Encode is that this app provides actionable feedback after each lesson so you can understand what you need to improve.

4. Grasshopper

This is a free app that allows you to learn programming by solving JavaScript puzzles. This app is intuitive and very easy to use. You can arrange visual blocks and watch them turn into a working code.

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Besides, this app provides feedback in real-time and rewards you for achieving different milestones.

5. CodeHub

This is a simple app that will help you quickly get started with the programming process. There are about 50 lessons in each course, and you can manipulate your learning schedule as you want.

All lessons are divided into four groups based on the complexity level, and you can choose the level that corresponds to your knowledge. One of the best things about CodeHub is that you can submit your questions by simply pressing a button so you can get the necessary assistance.

6. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is another app that will help you learn the most popular programming languages. There are many examples of code and a huge database of learning materials that includes more than 1,800 different programs in seventeen languages.

7. Programming Hero

This is a great app that provides a personalized learning experience. Developers of this app have put a lot of effort into making the learning process fun: You can learn to code while creating your own game. Another advantage of Programming Hero is its forum and an active community of users that will help you get answers to your questions and exchange knowledge with others.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many apps that enable you to learn to code with your smartphone or tablet. Some of the apps from our list will help you get the necessary information, while others will provide you with exercises so you can apply your knowledge in practice immediately and make your first steps in the world of programming.

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