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Video Marketing a new trend to persuade audience attention

If you plan to increase your brand awareness on the internet, you will need to adopt effective marketing strategies. Among all the options, video marketing has the potential to yield the best results, if only backed by relevant social media tools, writes Tom Smith



Video Marketing
Image Source: Tom Smith

More and more people are fast switching to online video marketing these days to gather an audience for their brand. A significant section from this group fails to understand video marketing’s functioning on the internet.

As per their misinformed knowledge, they will have an easy ride drawing an audience to their brand to maintain consistency and quality in their videos. While it’s valid, it’s not the complete picture.

Importance of Video Marketing

Industry observers and professionals have stated that roughly 80% of the general public watches videos online weekly. But a trivial section in that group shows any genuine interest in what the business is selling. Your content must get business for you when you are engaging in the online video market.

The best option for your consideration is to focus on satisfying your target demographic. Your content production must have the only goal of catering to the audience.

Netizens are lauding video marketing’s potential because it provides you an opportunity to build a relationship with your audience and consumer. Putting the special focus on the audience will lead you to expand your brand as the audience will consume your online videos, thereby learning more about your services and products.

It’s also important that you take the discussion forward that you should not take the wide general audience into account when making videos for the online market. This is because everyone will not share an enthusiasm for your business.

You need to identify your target demographic that is likely to take an interest and invest in your services down the line.

It’s crucial that you know how to speak directly with your audience when focusing on your target audience.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how you should model your online video marketing strategy for greater business visibility.

video ads

Image Source: Tom Smith

1. Leverage All Social Channels

When it comes to video-focused web platforms, YouTube is not the only option available for consideration. The true potential of video content format on the internet has not been discovered yet- it just keeps on giving rewards unconditionally. It would be best to tap into something as high-performing as video content across relevant social media platforms.

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This will allow your audience to take notice of your brand. Popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram have already introduced video-focused on-platform features like IGTV and Watch Party to enable users to post long-form videos.

Although major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not mainstream video marketing platforms, they provide quality opportunities for the users to engage. You should leverage every feature on these social media platforms to make your content stand out.

2. Use Social Media Intelligence Tools

  • YouTube

Every video-centric platform comes with its way of directing videos to a target audience. Most users have found success and convenience with add-on tools like Google Adwords for boosting videos on YouTube. If you are considering YouTube for your online video marketing, you must try out demographic targeting tools.

Although YT provides a default setting for targeting video to “all users, “you could also use the demographic tools to filter demographics, interests, affinity groups further, and placement groups to best reach your target market.

  • Facebook

Unlike YouTube, which is owned by Google, Facebook takes a different route when targeting its audience. Known as an “engagement custom audience,” Facebook pushes more content to the people who are responsible for your views. Additionally, it’s important to mention that native videos on Facebook (videos published on Facebook, not any external link) have significantly greater reach than YouTube links.

Industry professionals and researchers suggest that using third-party tools helps build an all-inclusive video marketing strategy for an online brand. These reliable third-party tools provide insights about the video content on your page and suggest tips to yield better results.

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3. Find Your Video Format

The user must try their hands on every video format to see which one form benefits them the best in reaching their target demographic.

The easiest way to find this out is by balancing your customer demographics and how these consumer sections react to your products.

Video Editing

Video Editing (Image Source: Tom Smith)

Here’s a detailed breakdown of video format examples that could resonate with your target audience.

  • Humor Videos— One of the popular video formats at present, you should consider the humor video format to amass a consumer base. This type of video format is particularly successful in developing a wide audience rapidly on social platforms. Your purpose should be to leverage the sharing feature in social media platforms by producing spoofs, skits, and parodies.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Videos— Behind the scene (BTS) video is more suited to skeptics and B2B audiences. It will allow welcoming your audience into the background process of your videos. They will have an idea of how your business functions and what equipment is involved in the running. If you are a manufacturer, your consumers will be happy to see how you are operating daily.
  • How-To Videos— If your business involves products, gadgets, or gear, you must consider How-To videos for your online video marketing. Itis is effective for customers who prefer innovative experiences and new challenges.
  • Animation/Motion Videos— lastly, if your business is associated with academics or motivational subjects, you should look no further. Animation or motion video formats provide successful results in convincing people. Educational videos often contain bland and boring data. Adding animations can improve the viewer’s overall experience, thereby helping the audience learn in a simplified manner.
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If you plan to increase your brand awareness on the internet, you will need to adopt effective marketing strategies. Among all the options, video marketing has the potential to yield the best results, if only backed by relevant social media tools.

A high number of brands have switched to video marketing to expand their presence on the internet. Improved branding can further contribute to proper lead conversions for the increased business overall.

Final Thoughts

You must have a complete understanding of various intelligence tools like Google Adwords, Unbox Social, and Facebook so that you can put your business across your target audience.

You must also take time to analyze your content performance when penetrating your consumer base. The detailed report and insight from your content analysis will further improve your work structure and future success chances.

So, to boost your video marketing strategy on social media, you should

  1. Push video content on every social media.
  2. Use third-party intelligence tools to analyze content performance.
  3. Produce video content that is relevant to your target audience.
  4. Try your hand with different video formats.

Right at the conclusion, it’s crucial to mention that using a social media analytics tool will allow the user in you to realize the audience’s reaction to your video content.

Furthermore, you could choose to advance deeper into your audience’s demographics to get a broader understanding of their mindset.

It’s safe to say that video is a powerful content format today. Hence it would be best to adapt to effective video content strategies to improve your business presence in the online market. It will not only help you to earn new consumers but retain the older resources as well.

Tom Smith is the marketing manager at InVideo; a video creation platform with 1M users in 190+ countries.

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