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Agile Practitioners explain why organisations shouldn’t ignore Agile practice



Agile Practitioners
President/Chair, Agile Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Abiodun Osoba

Agile Nigeria Conference (ANC), has again showcased why cannot afford to ignore Agile principles. The annual conference which started in 2017 is dedicated to furthering agile principles and providing avenues for people and ideas to flourish.

Thought leaders, Agile experts, seasoned and professional coaches, trainers, speakers from within and outside Nigeria joined the 2021 conference to discuss the theme: “Strategic Agility – Market Creating Innovations”.

Agile Conference 2021

Conference speakers

And due to the pandemic, the conference organisers had to resort to a virtual gathering. Meanwhile, there was something for everyone, every business, every team and every organisation.

The conference pointed out that in the era of COVID-19 a lot of industries have modified their operations. Businesses are actually experiencing negative impact in terms of employment; a lot of employees are being laid-off, while some other people are actually reducing and cutting their budget.

These concerns point to why such organisations need to ensure they maximize those resources that Agile brings. It is not the time to work in silos; coming together of different kinds of compartments/departments will help the job to be better delivered.

The bottomline understands the methodology; how companies can quickly adopt and adapt to changes. Imagine what Corona pandemic has brought about; if you’re not responding as quickly as you should, obviously, you can become extinct as a matter of fact.

So companies themselves have naturally created different work schedules, a lot of people are now working from home, while fewer numbers are working from offices. So COVID-19 pandemic presents a new challenge in managing projects, which now requires more as a bit of funds, concerted level of communication and collaboration of development teams.

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Collaboration is the keyword. Collaboration is what helps organisations to deliver on what the team’s objective is. It could be B2B. And when the outcome is being met, obviously, it means investment in terms of resources is rightly done.

Obviously, we adopt a lot of those elements because it’s all about resource management, it’s all about delivering results, it’s also all about creating a cohesive spirit that can actually engender excellence which is the hallmark of true leadership.

In her address, the President/Chair, Board of Trustees, Agile Practitioners  Association of Nigeria, Abiodun Oshoba, said “It has been a very trying times for every one of us all across the world. The pandemic situation has unified us even more. And I am happy that we are sharing out passion; something that’s very close to my heart”.

Osoba is an executive trainer and international speaker and passionate about fostering the Agile mindset for organisations, businesses, and teams.

She expressed confidence at the ample opportunities and benefits that the online conference presented to everyone, most especially the conference facilitators and participants in terms of improved levels of engagement, meaningful deliberations and discussions, real time Q&A, amongst others.

Speaking on why companies will not ignore Agile, especially in COVID era, the Head, IT Program Delivery, Access Bank Plc., Mr. Omo Osemwegie, said that the essence of Agile is to create value to business processes.

He said that Agile is no longer the future, rather “Agile is now!”

“We are now seeing Agile in manufacturing; Agile in retail; Agile in Petroleum industry; in strategy; Agile in human resource; Agile in budgeting; Agile in auditing and Agile in organizational culture. COVID-19 brought the realities of Agile to the fore. It is not too much to say that Agile is ‘eating’ the world.

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He added that cost reduction, technical, and the process to deliver customer’s needs are part of the reasons companies can no longer ignore Agile.

The ability to quickly adapt is the lifeblood of modern enterprises, and partnership with Agile Practitioners Association of Nigeria’s will complement the mission to help organizations innovate, improve productivity, and remain relevant in the rapidly changing world, the conference unanimously agreed.

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