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Enext Wireless’ report shows state of 4G network in Lekki Phase1 (Lagos)



Enext Wireless

Enext Wireless has released a report on 4G network benchmark in Lekki Peninsula 1, Lagos State, Nigeria.

In the report – National Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NWBQR) Lekki Edition 2021 – which was sighted by our correspondent, Enext Wireless covered much larger area than the Lekki Phase 1 area evaluated.

NIWBQR is an independent mobile wireless network benchmarking service based on drive data collection that provides reports to Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria to help them improve the quality of their LTE networks for the benefit of the Nigerian public.

Since 2016, NIWBQR has helped draw the attention of mobile network operators to various issues with the quality of the wireless physical link of their LTE networks.

“For this, our last NIWBQR report, we covered much larger area than the Lekki phase 1 area evaluated. Visualization of the radio frequency quality of LTE network along the complete route is available at our Emetrics website”, the company said as it continued to dedicate itself to independent evaluation of 4G network deployments in different parts of Nigeria.

“Since we started NIWBQR in 2016, there has been noticeable improvement in the quality of radio frequency quality in Lekki Phase 1”, the President/CEO of Enext Inc., Engineer Remi Adeyeye said. gathered that in the future, NIWBQR will remain a benchmarking service available only on demand.

“Our focus will be on our Emetrics using quality information collected by Enextlog, our android-based logging tool”, Adeyeye confirmed.

Visualization of the findings:

Enext Wireless Lekki

Tested Routes (Source: NWBQR)


Key performance Indicators (Source: NWBQR)

MNOs in Enext report

How the MNOs are ranked (Source: NWBQR)

eMetric Visualization Platform

Emetrics was initially designed to allow for visualization of data from our NIWBQR data collection via the web, but the company is now saying that future Emetrics reports will be based on data collected with Enextlog only.

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Data for all future Emetrics reports will come only from Enextlog, our data collection application that runs on Android-based mobile devices.

“The application is currently available for direct purchase from Enextgen for Glo and MTN networks”, he said.

Enextlog provides a source of Emetrics data from anywhere in Nigeria that has wireless mobile network coverage. Emetrics can be used for activities such as:

  • Investigation of customer complaints
  • Cell site verification
  • Cluster acceptance tests
  • Network acceptance
  • Mobile networks performance benchmarking
  • Sales promotion
  • Comparison of UE radio quality
  • National verification of broadband coverage
  • Independent benchmarking of the quality of RF coverage
  • And more

Enextlog is available for purchase only to Mobile Network Operators as part of Emetrics in Nigeria.

What is Emetrics?

Emetrics is a proprietary tool for RF quality rating of LTE signal coverage. It uses a combination of three indicators, RSRP, RSRQ and SINR of the serving cell and over a decade of experience in LTE performance verification and enhancement, to classify the RF quality of an LTE system into five color bands:

  • Green: Excellent (LTE internet connection at the best available downlink throughput)
  • Blue: Good (Good LTE internet connection)
  • Yellow: Fair (Reliable LTE internet connections
  • Saddle Brown: Usable (Acceptable RF quality for LTE internet connections)
  • Red: Poor (RF quality not good enough for reliable LTE connections)

Any color other than red indicates that LTE connection is available. To the degree that Radio Frequency quality alone determines the reliability of LTE internet connections and other core network and transport

You can contact via: No 1 Harvey Road, Yaba Lagos or reach out to Abibat Dunmoye..Chief Technical Officer by calling 08035223882 or email: [email protected].

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