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GIG Logistics opens UK office; Ariyo Oluboye speaks on hassle-free shipping

GIGL is limiting the barriers to trade and commerce by creating a platform that help African merchants ship across continents and get connected to the world and vice versa – Director, Overseas Operations at GIGL, Ariyo Oluboye



GIG Logistics UK
GIG Logistics UK location

Say goodbye to the hassle of restricted shipping from your trusted United Kingdom (UK) stores due to geographical constraints as a Nigerian revolutionary logistics company, GIG Logistics (GIGL), has opened its office in UK.

The UK office is GIGL’s third location outside Nigeria. The technology-driven company already has branches in Ghana and the USA.

“Shop the best deals from your favourite U.K stores and ship with the GIGGo app straight to your doorstep in Nigeria within 3 – 4 working days at £4.50/kg”, GIGL said in a message to its customer, promising a hassle-free ‘Overseas Shipping’ experience.

So, regardless of your item or its size, be it a trendy fashion item, the latest mobile phone, a newly released video game or even an automotive part; just add to cart and GIGL will deliver in good time while you save money on shipping fees.




To get started with Overseas Shipping on the GIGGo App

  1. Tap “Overseas Shipping”, select “the United Kingdom” under country options and copy the shipping address format displayed.
  2. Shop from your preferred store or any of the stores listed on the GIGGo app and input our address details during checkout.
  3. Go back to the GIGGo app, click Proceed to input the required info; We will help deliver your item(s) securely.

In a brief interview on how this move will benefit the customers in Africa, the Director, Overseas Operations at GIGL, Ariyo Oluboye, told, that GIGL is limiting the barriers to trade and commerce by creating a platform that help African merchants ship across continents and get connected to the world and vice versa.


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Q: Do you plan to have partnership with foreign ecommerce companies like Amazon?

Oluboye: Logistics is one of the major issues buyers from Nigeria and other Africa countries face with regards to trade. Our offering allows for seamless shipping from market places like Amazon or any online store to Nigeria. However, we are open to attaining more strategic level partnerships.

Q: Can I shop in UK or US and have GIG Logistics deliver to my doorsteps in Nigeria or Ghana?

Oluboye: Yes, you absolutely can. Last mile delivery is one of our USPs and we take it very seriously.

Q: If yes, how will your service cut the number of days I have to wait?

Oluboye: We leverage technology and capacity to make deliveries in record time. With the use of technology our processes are very well streamlined leading to an efficient operation. More so, with our reputation as a reliable brand, and having demonstrated capacity to handle huge transactions, there are always items to be shipped thus eliminating the need to aggregate items thereby wasting time.

Q: At times, one has to wait for two weeks to a month or more before your items are delivered; probably, the event you planned has come and gone… how will your service help to address that?

Oluboye: At GIG Logistics speed is a watchword. We under promise and over deliver, but in the case that a delay occurs due to circumstances beyond our control just like we experienced with the last snowstorm in Houston, we have a handholding process with our customers.

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Q: How competitive will your pricing be?

Oluboye: Very competitive. Our focus is to prioritize customer delight, by giving African merchants the platform to ship across continents without boring holes in their pocket.

Q: Why should I go for GIG Logistics as against DHL, FedEx or UPS?

Oluboye: We are a fully indigenous Technology company, with over 102 experience centers locally. No one understands our local environment when it comes to route network and last mile delivery better than we do.

We are consistently growing as a company and a veritable tool we have adopted as we scale is the use of technology for 360 degrees operation.  We are focused on a niche segment quite distinct from what the traditional logistics companies are focused on. Decentralized and centralized commerce can only thrive with efficient last mile delivery and this is an area we are providing innovative solutions for with our services. We want to solve the entire spectrum of the logistics chain using technology.


This is why we launched GIGGo app, an app that caters for the logistics need of any class of customer (individual, corporate or ecommerce). We are basically leveraging technology to simplify the movement of goods across continents. The consumer behavior is changing. People want to do things from their comfort zone.

The corona virus pandemic has also validated this consumer trend. We are a very agile company with a very responsive and non-bureaucratic structure. This ideology helps us quickly predict consumer needs and retool our products and offerings to exceed the expectation of customers.

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Q: Do you intend launching in more countries outside Africa?

Oluboye: Yes we do. Remember that we want to create a platform for African merchants ship to across continents. As a matter of fact, we are launching in another international location real soon.


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