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How to make personal and corporate branding work together

Personal and corporate branding are two different domains. However, the personal growth of an employee is deeply rooted in the growth of the corporate firm, writes Shaheryar Sadiq



Corporate Branding

Companies opposed the idea of personal branding at work. Employers considered it risky to expose their best employees to their competitors in the market. It is the main reason corporates are against the idea of personal branding along with corporate branding.

Personal and corporate branding are two different domains. However, the personal growth of an employee is deeply rooted in the growth of the corporate firm. Personal branding is about advertising oneself, whereas corporate branding is about the company’s advertisement.

This article will talk about how personal and corporate branding can work together. Of course, there are benefits for the employee, as well as for the employers. Moreover, we will tell you some easy marketing strategies that are suggested by experts in the field of digital marketing Houston TX. Through these personal and corporate brands, both can grow better than ever before.

Ways You Can Make Personal and Corporate Branding Work Together

Recognize Employees Contributions

Small contributions that an employee makes for a company matter a great deal. Recognizing efforts by the employee will encourage the employee to do so more actively.

Maintain records of employees who promote the corporation not just in the office or in front of clients but on their platforms too. The employee who contributes in getting the maximum likes, shares, and re-tweets or any such contribution that improves the company’s marketing should be recognized separately.

Letters of appreciation, special mentions in the company’s emails or newsletters must be issued to keep employees motivated. This will boost their confidence and encourage them to contribute more and more. This way, they will promote their personal brand as well as the corporate brand.

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Do not Restrict Usage of Social Media at Work

Many companies order their IT department to restrict access to social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you don’t trust your employee, they’re of no use to you. Employees should be trusted, and that counts in business ethics.  Giving access to social media websites will serve as a platform of trust within the employees.

Allowing the use of social media websites is likely to make employees loyal to the corporate. This strategy should be implemented fairly. Allowing certain members to use social media platforms and restricting a few will raise issues for the company. The chances are that the employees may turn against the corporate and develop negative attitudes.

Ultimately, they will work on their personal brands without keeping the corporate brand into consideration.

Be Authentic in What You Do

Be true to yourself as well as the company. Every time you make a move inside the office building or randomly scrolling on social media, think about how beneficial it will be for you and your company both. The more true you stay to the company, the more likely you will be given job promotions, a chance to earn respect, and self-satisfaction

Help out Colleagues, Bring up Learning

The development of your personal brand will give rise to leadership skills. There are two major direct benefits of it. Helping out colleagues at work or helping them figure out tricky tasks will make you a good colleague.

Ask them if they need assistance with anything. Productive conversations about work are also parts of learning processes. During the process, you may also be learning things that you didn’t already know.

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Employees will start working efficiently to get things done with perfection, increasing the chances of the corporate to progress.

Know Your Strength and Weaknesses

Knowing about your strengths and weaknesses is significant in the growth process. When you know where you lack, all your focus will shift to improving those skills and areas of expertise. Becoming a better version of yourself is part of personal branding.

If you know your strengths, you can utilize them to do wonders. When you apply for a position in a company, your strength is what will make you stand out. Corporates will be privileged to have an employee with such qualities.

Your strength will play a role in branding the corporate; with the appreciation you receive, you will be motivated to brand yourself better to deliver even better services to the firm you work for.

Benefits of Making Personal and Corporate Branding Work Together

  • Exemplary Representation

Employees impact the reputation of a company majorly.  Growth of employee’s personal brand will help brand the corporate better. Don’t know that yet?

An employee that has built a strong personal brand will represent the company better in front of clients. This will create a powerful impact and a sophisticated image of the corporate.

An employee with a developed personal brand will motivate fellow employees as well. Over time, the entire company will become the epitome of perfection.

  • Talent Acquisition

Working on your personal brand will bring up your personal growth. Companies that allow personal branding of employees while they work on corporates branding are providing room for the employees to develop.

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These firms allow them to mold their talent in a way that brings more to the company’s table. Personal branding increases employees’ efficiency. Talent and hard work are the deadliest combinations, and once a corporate gathers them, there are no limits for their growth.

  • Growth Opportunities

Personal branding allows individuals to grow beyond boundaries. Having exceptional personal brands may create opportunities for growth in your career. An employee with a developed personal brand is more likely to get promotions.


Making personal and corporate branding work together will benefit the individual and the corporate equally. Having more skills on the table will make your corporate stand out. Throw away the traditional ideas of corporate branding. Personal branding not just helps individuals to grow, but due to their remarkable personalities and work, corporates also brand exceptionally well.

Author Bio:

Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for ApCelero.

@TechEconomyNG connects past-present-emerging technological impacts on Businesses, People and Cities. All Correspondence to: [email protected]

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