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Kabakoo launches Africa’s first no-code training, receives funding from Zoom



Kabakoo Academies
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In March 2021, Kabakoo Academies launched the first no-code training in West Africa, confirming once again its leading role in tech education on the continent.

Kabakoo is a no-code pioneer, the first EdTech in Africa to join this growing digital trend enabling people to design and deploy apps without coding.

Dedicated to youth employment and entrepreneurship, this Startup bets on no-code skills to allow its learners to succeed on the local job markets.

A bold approach that earned Kabakoo funding from Zoom via its EdInnovation Award.

This intensive “FullStack” program is designed and delivered in partnership with Contournement, the European leader in no-code training.

Kabakoo bets on no-code skills to supercharge its learners’ employability and their local entrepreneurship projects.

Coached by word-class mentors, the learners will acquire full proficiency in no-code tools to create websites, mobile apps, automation and data management projects. Co-designed with Contournement, the training aims at mastering key tools such as Zapier, Airtable, Adalo, Glide or Dorick, which will help learners to rapidly develop ambitious tech products (without having to code) to meet the needs of local communities and markets in the Sahel.

The Kabakoo engagement in the no-code segment is catalyzed by strong partnerships with, among others, the current leading no-code app Notion, which supports Kabakoo’s activities through its impact program.

By pioneering no-code training in Africa, Kabakoo reaffirms its leading role in the pan-African EdTech space. After being praised as a “School of the Future” by the World Economic Forum, Kabakoo has received the Zoom EdInnovation Award on March 1st, 2021, which recognizes “the boldest and brightest solutions supporting underserved students”.

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Among the six global winners, the Startup is the only organization on the African continent and the francophone world. This award formalizes the partnership between the Startup and Zoom, which becomes a key financial and tech partner for scaling up its impact.

Kabakoo Academies:

Kabakoo is building the leading pan-African learning platform for digital and decentralized manufacturing skills. Blending cutting-edge tech with local knowledge, Kabakoo reimagines learning by enabling young Africans with the skills to own the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Learning Experience is geared towards sustainable value creation through challenge-based and blended learning.

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