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Rabawa launches Africa’s first social commerce platform

Aims to reduce youth unemployment




Rabawa has announced the launch of the first social commerce platform in Africa to reduce the rate of unemployment on the continent.

Rabawa’s objective is to support African entrepreneurs leverage social media for curating, promoting, and selling their products to end-users.

The social commerce platform will give entrepreneurs access to a virtual shop and thousands of products from trusted suppliers. This will enable them to resell their products through a manufacturer or wholesale supplier and share with interested customers after adding a margin.

With Rabawa, users can start earning online without any investment.  Leveraging the platform, entrepreneurs do not need to own their own shop or inventory to become very successful in their ventures.

In a press statement by Olayinka Akinkunmi, COO, Rabawa, “Rabawa aims to provide 21 Million Africans with their own businesses by 2023”.

According to Akinkunmi, the basic requirement for any aspiring Rabawa entrepreneur is to possess a smartphone or computer and a basic understanding of business.

“Rabawa is very confident that their business model will lead to accelerating the eCommerce sector and ensuring financial inclusion.”, she added.

Want to a Rabawa Entrepreneur?

You can now start your business from home with just a phone and an internet connection.

Store owners on our platform can earn up to ₦1 million in a month working from their comfort zone.

Whether you are a student, working a 9-5 job or a homemaker, you can earn money online with us.

To start your own business, you simply need to register on Rabawa for a virtual shop.


Next, browse through different categories of products. Browse through our wide array of products and select the ones you find relevant.

You probably have a good idea of which categories of products you can sell your contacts.

Start sharing these catalogs and once you have received a few queries regarding the products, assign a price with an added margin to each one.


Rabawa is a global distribution platform offering e-commerce supply chain solutions in Africa to entrepreneurs, committing to helping them quickly and easily launch their online businesses without any investment or inventory. 

The platform connects entrepreneurs to top manufacturers and wholesalers across Africa, Asia, the USA and UK. 

Rabawa is the best money earning platform trusted by hundreds of entrepreneurs across the continent. 


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