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Remote Work: Salaries in Silicon Valley companies may change forever

The most popular adjustment is the migration from land-based offices to virtual ones. This transition has been easier in the tech sector compared to many others, writes Ufuoma Nora Ogono



Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley (Photo Credit: COIN PIXIE/Google)

In the last 13 months, the world has been facing a global public health crisis because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Medical scientists believe that things will get worse before they get better and there has been no evidence to the contrary.

Instead of waiting for the pandemic to stop, companies have been making adjustments that allow them to keep their doors open in the Covid-19 era.

The most popular adjustment is the migration from land-based offices to virtual ones. This transition has been easier in the tech sector compared to many others.

Why Remote Work is Easier for Tech Companies

Most tech workers rely more on computers than hands-on activities to complete their daily tasks. Even when they go to the office in the morning, they spend almost every working hour staring at a screen and controlling many other digital devices to get the job done.

When the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, it was easy for tech workers to move from their regular office jobs to a remote workspace. As long as they have computers, they can access their company servers remotely.

In Silicon Valley, the brains of technology in the US, almost every tech worker has been working from home.

They connect with their colleagues through video conferencing apps when it’s time for office meetings and they send in their tasks through secured networks that can’t be compromised. Remote work has come with benefits and disadvantages depending on your perspective.

A study conducted last year revealed that up to 65% of all workers in the United States will like to continue working remotely even after the pandemic has ended. These workers have cited flexibility, comfort, and safety as the three key factors that influenced their decision to work remotely.

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Some other workers like remote work as much as they like working from an office. About 31% of all workers said that they enjoy a hybrid office environment that combines remote work with office work. Only 4% of the people surveyed said they would want to go back to a full-time physical office.

Since March 2, 2020, Twitter has been encouraging its staff to work from home on a more permanent basis.

They said that any worker who wants to resume traditional office work can do so when they get the all-clear from the public health authorities.

Facebook has also announced that they want to make their new approach to remote work an option for anyone who wants to do so permanently. Many workers have already sent their application for long-term remote work to the company and more are coming in daily.

Remote Work Changes Tech Salaries in Silicon Valley

As stated above, thousands of tech workers are enjoying the remote working system and many of them have decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Silicon Valley might be the best place to find employment in the tech industry but it also happens to be the second most expensive place to live in the United States. The only city with a more expensive standard of living than Silicon Valley is New York City.

Most tech workers in the Valley get up to $100,000 yearly which is more than enough to live lavishly in many other states. Unfortunately, the expensive standard of living in the Valley will cost you almost every dime you earn if you choose to live lavishly.

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For this reason, many workers have decided to leave the Valley and move to more affordable cities. Since they can keep their jobs from home, they don’t see why they have to remain in the Valley. Remote work has also made it easier for companies to recruit talent.

The tech companies have said that those who want to relocate will do so if they agree to accept a salary slash.

The salary slashes vary from company to company but it is currently in the 5% to 20% range. Some companies are removing a fixed amount while others are slashing the salaries based on the relocation option of their workers.


Tech salaries in Silicon Valley may have suffered a bit for those working remotely, but this is still a good time to pick up a tech skill.

You can learn how to code on an online bootcamp like those you’ll find at If you take your classes seriously, you’ll be starting your first tech job in no time. After all, 10% off $100,000 is still a lot of money.

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Ufuoma Nora Ogono

Ufuoma Nora Ogono

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