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Roaddo unveils multiple on-demand services app in Nigeria

The app for multiple on-demand services gives you access to over 60 products and services



Roaddo app

Roaddo, a digital ecosystem which connects buyers and sellers and also offers instant delivery of goods and services is proud to announce the go-live date of the Roaddo App slated for the 6th of April, 2021.

Roaddo Team

The Roaddo team: Marketing & Communications Manager, Joyce Onyegbula; Marketing & Communications Associate, Chisom Ezeani; Founder/Visioner, Roaddo, Fred Adun; Quality Assurance Lead, Felicitas Obiefuna and Operations Manager, Nosa Adun, at the media parley held in Lagos on Thursday, 18th March 2021.

The App is conceived to ensure the convenience of the shopper and to unlock market access to the sellers and service providers.

Commenting on the Roaddo App, the founder/visioner, Fred Adun revealed that aside the convenient shopping experience for buyers, the Roaddo App will also address widespread youth unemployment by giving Nigerians a platform where they can leverage their skills to sustainably earn a living.

“In addition to unlocking market access, Roaddo had also leveraged technology to affordably make a variety of on-demand services; including cab rides, hourly help, beauty services and artisans readily available to Nigerians”, Adun revealed.

With over 60 products and services available on the App, the discerning shopper with an uncompromising eye for quality is assured of convenience, ease of access and prompt delivery to preferred locations, thereby elevating the shopping experience.

Roaddo, a wholly Nigerian brand offers buyers a chance to shop from the comfort of their homes and have the items delivered within one hour.  With our network of partners and service providers, our commitment is to ease logistic challenges encountered by buyers as well as to offer prompt and efficient delivery of goods and services.

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“When life gets busier, get back some “me time” with the Roaddo; a multiple on-demand services app”, Adun enthused.

With the current public health challenge, the app is a timely solution to ensure exposure to crowded spaces remain limited while goods and services remain readily accessible to buyers.

Roaddo comes in three apps:

The Three apps

Founder’s (brief) bio:

The founder, Fred Adun is a certified Microsoft Professional, Senior Technical Consultant, and experienced software Engineer.

He has broad knowledge and skills with Microsoft .Net development tools and other Microsoft products and technologies.

With over 10 years’ experience of in software development and delivery, Fred has strong experience and expertise in technology solutions.

The team at Roaddo

Founder/Visioner, Fred Adun; Marketing & Communications Manager, Joyce Onyegbula and the Operations Manager, Nosa Adun, at the media parley held in Lagos on Thursday 18th March 2021.

You can reach Roaddo team via email: [email protected] or SM Handles ( Twitter: @roaddo_apps, IG @roaddoapps, FB roaddoapps)



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