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6 Ways business intelligence can be applied to marketing



Business Intelligence
Businessman analyzing a business analytics via Intelligence Dashboard (Image: Shutter)

The word business intelligence is echoing everywhere nowadays. It seems like most of the large-scale business owners are trying to make use of this technology; however, small-scale businesses think that it is just a waste of money.

Data from business intelligence, when used efficiently, will help any size of business reach heights they had only dreamt of.

Business intelligence is not a single tool; it is a set of tools that help you extract valuable and meaningful information from a large pool of unstructured and unorganized data. Business intelligence helps in gathering information such as sales reports, budget audits, and customer interaction data, etc.

We have always been told that this information is important and can help you improve your sales and business. The information gathered with business intelligence can aid IT companies in reaching their targets by creating effective business strategies. It can also be used to convert leads into clients.

Even if you’re using business intelligence for the sake of following the trend, this article provides insights on how to use this technique can be applied to marketing to make the most out of your Business Intelligence tools.

1. Better Customer Knowledge

The most important aspect of marketing is to know your customers closely. You must have knowledge about who your recurring customer is, who is your first-time buyer, who’s just a window shopper at your website, and who can potentially turn into your regular customer.

This information can be collected from social media campaigns, CRM software, and the data management platform the company is using.

Business intelligence helps you gather all that data on one page and provide you structured and ordered format. This helps you understand your customer better than ever before and evaluate leads.  After all, you need to know which strategy you need to apply towards which group of visitors on your website.

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2. To create Personalized Sales Strategy

Artificial intelligence developers say that business intelligence plays a great role in uplifting the marketing campaign of a company or a brand. The best way to market your products or services to the people is by creating personalized sales strategies.

A marketing manager must be aware of all the aspects of the business before creating a marketing strategy. He should know how one customer varies from the other and different ways that can be applied to different leads.

Since business intelligence provides information from targeted sales, plans, budgets, turnovers, expansions, and competitors, etc., marketing teams can use all this information to be aware of all the strategies that can be used to pitch a deal.

A good salesman knows how to comprehend the business. Business intelligence can help comprehend the business and make marketing strategies more composed, personalized, and effective.

3. Predictive Analytics

When things are sorted out, you know what to do, when to do and how to do it. Predictive analysis is a business intelligence tool that has completely revolutionized the way how organizations yield and analyze data.

When you study the behavior of individuals associated with you, even if the association is as little as visiting the website, this notifies the marketing team, and this way marketing team can differentiate between the behavior of different leads and clients.

Business intelligence helps in predicting which leads will come back and in how much time. It is also able to provide insights on when a particular client will check out the products present in their cart.

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All these predictions help marketers to send out appropriate emails and messages. This way, business intelligence changes the game for the marketing team and makes their work a lot easier.

4. Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

Marketing teams work hard day and night to generate and target leads. They are always in search of ways and plan out strategies that will help in attracting the customers to the company and avail their services or purchase their product.

We always talk about free deliveries and discounts, but that doesn’t work all the time. Great customer service will be the most attractive attribute of your brand and will keep customers coming back. No one ever tells you that this really is the key to successful branding and marketing.

Since business intelligence provides insights about customers through its predictive analysis tools, business intelligence helps you in providing the best customer service and markets your brand with minimal effort.

5. Enhance Competitive Intelligence

It can help companies to enhance and improve their competitive intelligence. Don’t know how? We’ll tell you.

Competitive intelligence is the process of collecting, processing, interpreting, and analyzing information from the internal and external environment, also known as the competitive environment.

The data required in competitive intelligence is provided by business intelligence. An enhanced competitive intelligence helps decision-makers in creating marketing strategies by allowing access to information rapidly and by providing access to more information that you can receive.

This way, business intelligence makes your business a good competition to the other brands. It is also important to have a grip on all the data available to you, and as a bonus, you can have a better ROI too.

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6. To Create Effective Business Models

Business intelligence provides all the information a company may require. This includes:

  • Customer behavior
  • Market insights
  • Competitors strategy

Now that you have all this information sorted out, you can begin evaluating your business marketing plans. One of the most important things that you can get out of business intelligence software is the data that can be used by you to create business models and market your products or services effectively. You can plan out the best strategies as you would have all the resources in hand.


Business intelligence tools are amazing. If you know how to make the most out of your tools and the information you get through them, you can take the lead in your industry. The above mentioned are some of the ways information collected through business intelligence can be applied to marketing to step up your game. Are you ready to level up now?

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