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Best 10 tips for recruiting and hiring ideal remote employees

Written by Sunny Chawla, Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency




The hiring of recruiting and hiring of employees has seen a drastic alteration in the last few years, with the previous year bringing about the biggest of developments in the sphere.

The pandemic that resulted in almost all countries shutting down and a ban on travelling for many months changed the face of the organizations recruiting employees as well.

Many of these had to embrace the new scenario and catch up with it by switching to the remote recruiting alternative that the internet provided.

This basically implied that for the near future, the entire hiring process was converted into a remote one for immediate hiring in Dubai and other places with the selection and on boarding for an employee being the same, as most have been working from home since the start of the pandemic.

Although the pandemic is what set the ball rolling, it seems that even if it recedes, the companies and organizations might want to stick to the remote hiring and recruiting method.

This is because it has been beneficial for the company in that it has led to the company saving both money and time that was spent in conducting this process in the physical world. Therefore, provided below are some tips for recruiting employees in a remote manner for immediate hiring in Dubai and organizations elsewhere.

1. Employees should not feel a sense of disconnect from the organization

When it comes to employee on boarding in the remote recruiting method, it is of the utmost necessity that the companies ensure that employees feel welcome from their very first day, even if the job may be to work from home.

It may be quite easy for the new employees to get a sense of not belonging to the organization or in the team they work for. However, it is important that the employees are made to feel important and introduced to everyone on their first day, so that it works as an ice breaker and gives a push to their confidence.

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2. Social media is a great way to connect with the new employees

There are organizations that have been harnessing the positive facets of the social media sites like Instagram and Facebook by the creation of accounts and groups on these sites that could be used to know the new employees.

These could put up pictures about the new hires along with something about their interests and personality.

There could also be a custom of putting out videos recorded by the new employees themselves, documenting their first week working for the organization. visit the website for immediate hiring in Dubai and around the world.

3. Let the computerization do the work for you

The hiring of new employees and the on boarding process can clearly be quite hectic and this might lead to the human resource and others to forget one thing or another.

This is a process that cannot take a slip up because of the remote nature of the hiring that the employee has gone through.

Therefore, to avoid making any mistakes, it is important that some tasks like the scheduling of introductory meetings be assigned to machines, thus making them automated and the real work should be left to be done manually.

4. Assigning the new employee a guide and a teammate

These do not have to be two different people as one person is enough for the job. The first week for the employee could be overwhelming because it involves working from home and there are some things they would probably miss out on just because they do not work in the physical office premises.

When the new employees used to join earlier, they had other existing ones surrounding them and helping them through the first week. However, now that this isn’t an option, there should be an employee assigned to the new employee to help them figure out the work expected of them.

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5. Keep in touch with the college graduates too

It could be a bit difficult for now to recruit the graduates who have just completed college. This is because the colleges have not opened up, therefore leading to the companies losing the opportunity of recruiting these graduates from their campus itself.

This can be done at present by trying to keep in touch with the fresh graduates by connecting with the placement cell for colleges or putting up the job profiles on social media to target these potential employees. This method can also help with immediate hiring in Dubai and other colleges.

6. Give them time to settle in and get comfortable with the job profile

As has been mentioned before, the employees may not be able to settle in and start performing their job duties at the speed they did before because of the work environment and the employees not being there to help them through it.

Therefore, there may be a need to make allowances and introduce them to the tasks that need to be done and the systems and functions they need to be familiar with in order to catch up with the work.

7. Hiring process should be conducted through video calls only

There are some facets for the hiring processes that cannot be covered by just voice calls. This is because voice calls may not be enough to monitor the expressions and the confidence or hesitation of the employees.

Therefore, the interviews and each and every aspect of the hiring process along with the introductory phases and orientation need to be done via video conferencing for immediate hiring in Dubai so that it feels more personalized. Video calls are a great way to assess the body language of a potential employee.

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8. Conduct virtual tours for the candidates that join in

The employees who have just joined the organization may be curious as to the office environment and this can be taken care of by providing them with a virtual tour of the office in the first week itself. This can easily be done during the employee onboarding process that has to be completed in the first few days.

9. Video interviews can be conducted through different methods

The scope for remote interviews has been limited to just one method for video conferencing that is done as per the company methods and timings. However, there are alternatives to this as there are organizations that conduct interviews according to the timings provided by candidates.

These are not taken by real individuals but there are some prompts that have been recorded beforehand and inserted that the candidate has to reply to and answer.

This can contain all relevant questions that the company needs to ask the candidates, thus leading to a positive experience for the candidates too.

10. Decide the course that the interview would take beforehand

Every interview cannot be fully similar in its questions and conversations as it would eventually lead to the interviewers being tired of repeating the same questions again and again.

You can look into the various facets of the job profile and although some introductory questions might remain the same, others could be based on different parts of the job itself.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. The Company is available on Social media via: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.



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