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FintechNGR, SIBAN, BNUG, others applaud CoinNewsExtra as it unveils CNEtv App

“So, we look forward to seeing CNEtv to assume a global position like the Financial Times of London”, OKEx



CNEtv app, CoinNewsExtra
L-r: Executive Business Development Manager, OKEx, Paul Ezeafulukwe; President of SIBAN, Sentor Ihenye; COO, fintechngr, Dr Babatunde Obrimah and the founder, CoinNewsExtra, Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri at the launch of CoinNewsExtra CNEtv app on Friday, April 16, 2021 in Lagos Nigeria

History is made. Excitements, banters and glorying words greeted the official launch of CoinNewsExtra TV app (CNEtv App) in Lagos, Nigeria on Friday, April 16, 2021, can report.

CoinNewsExtra is a BlockchainCryptocurrency, Fintech and Emerging techs media platform headquartered in Lagos State Nigeria, the Western part of Africa. The platform has become the first Media Platform globally in the emerging technology space to launch a 24/7 live stream TV App solely dedicated to Blockchain, Fintech, Crypto and AI industry.


Founder CoinNewsExtra, Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri, demos how the app functions

The founder CoinNewsExtra, Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri, said they decided to launch the TV App to solve problems many people in Africa and the world at large encounter when sourcing for market signal and trends in the space.

Ohaeri described Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency as revolutionary.

“Most people have seen Cryptocurrency as buying and selling, but it’s more than that. So, we are launching this platform for research and insight-based reporting. It took us 6 months to do backgrounding and preparations.

CoinNewsExtra has also introduced a non-fungible token (NFT); a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

COinNewsExtra nigeria

L-r: Immediate past President of SIBAN & Executive Business Development Manager OKEx Nigeria, Mr Paul Ezeafulukwe; founder CoinNewsExtra, Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri and President, Stakeholders In Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SIBAN), Sentor Ihenyen

“NFT is also trending and we thought that it should be given another opportunity to depict the African civilization, starting with the creation of NFT for Nelson Mandela, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Egyptian civilization.

He also commended members of Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Stakeholders In Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), Fintech Association of Nigeria (FintechNGR) and others for supporting the ecosystem.

“They are playing vital roles in educating the masses on these emerging technologies and why we should embrace it”, the he said.

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In his speech as the first unveiler, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Fintech Association of Nigeria, Dr Babatunde Obrimah, expressed the Association’s delight to identify with CoinNewsExtra.

CoinNewsExtra launch

L-r: Event compere and Head of Strategic Partnerships Knabu/Thresh0ld, Chike Okonkwo and the founder CoinNewsExtra, Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri

“It is a pressure to witness what is new and unique in this ecosystem. Lack of Education is the reason some business fail. In Nigeria, the only way to go is digital; across sectors. We have seen how digitization is democratizing edtech, healthtech, agritech, ecommerce, etc.

“If we deploy Technology across all sectors corruption will be reduced by 80%. FintechNGR supports what CNE is doing”, Dr. Obrimah said.

The Second unveiler and Founder Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Mr Chimezie Chuta, said that CNE will distinguish itself as a broadcasting house of the future.

Chimezie Chuta

Chuta referred to the CNEtv as ‘a promised child that has lived up to expectations’.

“Two years ago when Uchenna came up with this idea, I identified with his enthusiasm and commitment to make it happen. It is only on the floor that there is congestion. At the top, there are enormous spaces. He is destined to excel.

“So, on a day like this when we have seen the first fruit of Uchenna come through, it is a very good time to identify the privilege to leave a lasting legacy because the more people who are successful the merrier for us.

The founder added that Blockchain and cryptocurrency assets present huge opportunity for Africans. “And everyone can be satisfied through the gains of Blockchain industry.

“Let’s support our people (Africans) to get better life. So, I join hands with my colleagues to say congratulations to CNE as they launch today”.

He further pledged BNUG’s support to CNE.

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As the third unveiler, the President, Stakeholders In Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SIBAN), Sentor Ihenyen, highlighted benefits of the Internet to humanity and challenged the media to set agenda for the regulators to appreciate the need for emerging technologies such as Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT, amongst others.


CoinnewsExtra founder and industry stakeholders

In his words: “I can’t stop looking back at stories about the early 90’s when predictions about the Internet was given and its impact on education, mobility, trade, currency, governance, health, media, etc. A lot of disruptions have happen since then. This is 2021, it has happened for us to behold. However, the internet is still evolving which brings in the era of Blockchain Technology.

What is Blockchain? Yes, there is a lot of misinformation about Blockchain, but with platforms like CNE, the misconceptions shall be corrected. People in pharmaceutical, agro, etc., are yet to understand Blockchain Technology.

“This has also given to reasons to why the government has continued to look the other way from this competitive platform. They view Blockchain as something with penchant for Ponzi Schemes, money laundering or just a means of swindling people of their hard earned money.

“This mindset must be addressed; that is how the regulators can be put in the right direction with regards these emerging technologies.

“The country is at a critical stage where we either innovate 9r we die. The National Bureau of Statistics states that 3 out of 10 Nigerians are not on employment of any kind. This is why the regulators should embrace the new windows of opportunities to drive innovation and redeem our people from poverty, insecurity, unemployment, kidnapping.

“As a lawyer, i have seen foreigners seeking advice on how to invest in the Nigerian financial sector. Those calls for advisories aren’t coming anymore rather they are asking to know when Nigeria is ready. This has pushed FDI to our neighbouring countries.

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CNETV and CoinnewsExtra

CoinnewsExtra (CNETV) crew

“We must not allow the coinage that paints players in the Blockchain Technology space as fraudsters to continue. For every business there are fraudulent merchants, but that does not make Technology the victim.

“Regulators should understand that it is easier to detect when Blockchain is used for illegal transactions than tracing Naira and others fiats.

“SiBAN is happy with what CNE is set to do in this space, especially through reliable contents”, Ihenye said.

Speaking on ‘NFTs Auction’ the immediate past President of SIBAN & Executive Business Development Manager OKEx Nigeria, Mr Paul Ezeafulukwe, said that the Internet has made us global citizens thereby breaking barriers to innovation and showcasing of national assets online.

“The internet made us global citizens with the rest of the world. We are the same because we can do the same thing by giving same right attitude, intelligence and using the same platform. It is not just about money. It is about being universal citizens.

“So, as Dr. Obrimah said, we must put out public sector on Blockchain. It is about trust. To bridge the trustless system in Nigeria where ethnicity and tribalism affect almost everything, Blockchain should be embraced nation-wide to instill transparency in our systems.

“NFT is where you can save Wills, Marriage certificate, jewelries, and other valuables. We can bring our African cultures, traditions, etc., to NFT, especially to better the society.

“So, for CNE we have three NFTs – Nelson Madela, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Eyptian civilization. People should go and bid for them.

CoinNewsExtra CNETV

Industry players

“So, we look forward to seeing CNEtv to assume a global position like the Financial Times of London”.

In a brief presentation, the author, ‘The Generation Bitcoin’, Prof H.C joerg congratulated Africa on the birth of CNEtv and said that specifically Nigeria has the largest cryptocurrency community in the world, which should be sustained.

“This community must support the ecosystem to enable the country thrive in the crytop marketing. CNEtv will add value to the space in bridging knowledge and capacity of the players”.

The CoinNewsExtra CNEtv app is available Here and on Google Playstore for download.



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