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GIGM launches Stella, Nigeria’s first 24-hour mobility Virtual assistant

You can book for trip via WhatsApp; do other things through GIGM’s Stella (Virtual Assistant)



GIGM Stella Virtual Assistant

The best virtual assistant services make it simpler and easier for you to manage routine business tasks through the day.

Virtual assistant services can be especially useful if you ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew juggling too many tasks each day.

There’s no reason for you to be stumped when you can delegate your tasks to get them done effectively, especially when it relates to mobility.

The only question is: how?

Let’s tell you:

GIG Mobility (GIGM), a tech-savvy transport platform committed to moving people freely and easily across Africa, has launched Stella.

Stella here is a 24-hour virtual assistant designed to deliver speedy assistance to customers.

Stella is a bot which is accessible via WhatsApp and GIGM’s website. This is the very first of its kind in the Nigerian transport space.

It recently launched Stella to virtually assist its numerous customers get unrestricted speedy service.

GIGM’s Chief Operating Officer, Vuakpor Muoghereh, said, among other things, the objective of launching Stella “is to ensure that customers are empowered with more c​​hannels to transact with GIGM digitally and get prompt response to enquiries and queries.

“While social media can serve as a channel to collect feedback, a lot of messages can get lost in the flurry of message received via the platform”.
With Stella, no message or query will go unresolved.

GIGM has been known to champion many firsts in the industry, but this is one of its kind as customers will now begin to experience on-demand service at any time of their preference.

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What can you do with Stella?

With Stella, customers can:

  • Receive answers to queries
  • Modify booking status
  • Find terminals
  • Book trips

This move is reflective of GIGM’s customer-centricity and in sync with its mission of relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction.

Customers have already started interacting with Stella and are very elated about this development.

You too can chat with Stella now and discover another level of customer experience. Kudos GIGM.

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