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How founder of Konn3ct survived automobile accident to launch the app



NewWaves Ecosystem, Konn3ct
CEO of NewWaves Ecosystem, Femi Williams

Two major life-defining moments have trailed the success of Konn3ct meeting app. One was a near-death automobile accident that saw his car somersault thrice and would have claimed the life of the CEO of NewWaves Ecosystem, Femi Williams.

Another was his refusal to accede to the tempting offer made by an Indian to buy the asset that emerged after the accident.

Had he died in that ghastly automobile accident, two events would have happened. The company behind the soar-away meeting app NewWaves Ecosystem, would have died with him.

Then, Konn3ct – a virtual meeting and conferencing platform that could enable seamless connection of over 200 people at a go – would not have seen the light of day.

However, because the two incidents did not happen, Williams is alive and elated to tell the story during the media unveiling of the Konn3ct meeting app on April 7, 2021.

During the launch, which occurred virtually on the Konn3ct meeting platform, hundreds of friends including colleagues, the IT community, Fintech ecosystem, religion bodies, student association and the media connected to the Konn3ct platform. Other people who connected to the platform from far and near were paying and non-paying subscribers.

Instead of mourning the demise of the former Group Managing Director of Chams PLC, the virtual audience came to celebrate the birth of Konn3ct and “an amazing meeting experience platform.”

“I left Chams as the GMD in November 2019”, he told the audience. “And the first project we handled was for a precious metals trading company. It involved an end-to-end automation of the entire process and workflow. This required that we had to work with 12 consultants in Osun, Ogun and Lagos States.

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“To achieve this we started with two weeks of camp-meeting either in Lagos or Abeokuta and two weeks off. This was too expensive as the project was a Public-Private Partnership one, as such it suffered the usual delays in the implementation”.

He narrated that the work group switched to online meeting apps in order to cut cost and maintain a paperless office. Yet, the team was not satisfied with the output from Zoom, Google Meet and other similar platforms.

“We were not satisfied with the performance of the meeting platforms especially with the bandwidth usage and data consumption”, he told the gathering which included the Director General of National Information and Technology Development Agency, Mr Kashifu Abdullahi, who was represented by Dr Abdullahi Usman, Deputy MD & Director IT Infrastructure and other dignitaries.

“The last event that convinced us as a team that we had to go paperless and create our own communication platform for in-house use was a fatal accident I had in May 2020. I was returning from one of our camp-meetings with a major bug in the application despite the short delivery target. My car somersaulted three times. With the grace of the Almighty God, I came out without a scratch on my skin. So, online meetings and remote offices became the norm for us”, he recalled.

Williams told the audience that what led to the development of Konn3ct was a total lack of satisfaction in the delivery and performances of the existing meeting platforms.  As he narrated the story, “Konn3ct came to bridge the gap created by the existing applications in the market”.

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At one of the camp-meetings, Williams invited an Indian friend over. “After he observed the platform, he offered to buy the application for a staggering amount of money. I declined. At that moment, the team was convinced that we actually have a valuable asset”.

To make it better, the team invited other consultants to help with the research in the areas of marketing and development. Then, a strategy was created.

“We must thank Prof Adesina Sodiya, president, Nigerian Computer Society and Prof Charles Uwadia, president and chairman-in-council of Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria and the entire IT industry for their support and constructive feedback since we launched version 1. Under the leadership of these two professors, the industry has encouraged and supported us in tremendous ways”, he shared his appreciation.

He was full of gratitude at the launch of Konn3ct. He thanked his foundation staff who have been supportive through their selfless effort and contributions along the product development journey. He thanked the paying and non-paying subscribers for their faith “in our ability”.

Since, the man behind this earth-shattering meeting application survived the accident, two major events would happen. He would connect with new ideas. Konn3ct is here to stay. Let us Konn3ct.

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